Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When we went out this morning Lucy was up & it didn't look like she had laid down much last night.  It's late morning, as I write & she is still up, so I assume the boots are making her feet more comfortable.  That is really good news, they are so miserable looking when their feet hurt.  

I took the boots off to see if there was any rubbing, especially in the area where the vet took off that piece of hoof, & everything looked good.  

Sha'ba seemed OK this morning, although he didn't eat much of his hay last night, but I think he's over his bout with colic.  When I opened his gate this morning he toddled off in his normal direction to do his thing for the day.  He has a little routine he goes thru, so if we want to find him, we know where he is, depending on the time of day.  We're still fighting the habronema larvae battle with him.  We're down to one pocket on his sheath, & just this morning I found an area under the edge of his fly mask.  He had a sore there a few days ago, but it had healed, or at least I thought it had.  Obviously not.......!!!  Boy I will be glad when summer is over, this one has really been rough on some of the gang.  

This morning when John went over to Burroland to remind them it was breakfast time, he found Daisy all by herself.  She just stood there, so he moved closer & picked up a stick to maybe encourage her to move.  He said she walked off & all of a sudden took off running, & ran all the way to the gate.  I haven't seen her run since Paladin was here & she would run in front of him to get him to chase her.  Guess she doesn't make the effort unless there is a reason, after all she is about 25 years old.  She sure is looking good this year, she's lost weight & the pergolide is controlling the hair growth from the Cushings.  We have to look twice to make sure it is her & not one of the other donkeys these days. 

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