Thursday, August 12, 2010


Buster & Lucy are living over in Burroland.  Yesterday afternoon Buster finally showed up at the gate about feeding time & yelled at Lucy, which she ignored.  You'd think they'd get thirsty, we quit putting water over there, & the first thing they do when they come over is go to the stock tank.  But they still stay over there.  The only reason Pepper wasn't over there last night & holding out this morning is, he was slow leaving his pen last night, & John shut him in with Frijolita, Jenny & Katie.  This morning he was a real handful for an old buzzard, I thought John was going to lose the battle of going thru the gate, but he finally prevailed. 

Until the monsoon is over I guess we will save on hay.........!!!  The flies right now are absolutely horrible, even though we use the fly predators & have fly traps hanging in the trees.  The traps are filling up fast, but there are still plenty of flies out there to pester the donkeys.  I can't imagine how miserable they would be without the fly masks.  In the 50 years since I had horses, there have been a lot of equine inventions, but I think fly masks have to be in the top 3, not sure what the other 2 are.  Probably over the counter wormers would be one.  Worming in the 50's was really nasty, they had to be tubed, & heaven only knows what they were using to worm with.  Of course when we got BlackJack they were worming him by giving him cigarettes......!!!  Not sure if that works or if you just end up with a bunch of worms that are addicted to nicotine.........!!

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