Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO..........?????

Well we're working on an answer for the Paladin & Frijolita "problem".  He is doing just fine out with the others, he plays for awhile & then stands around.  BUT, I can't trust him not to chase her, nor can I trust her not to run if he does chase her.  It's a 2 edged sword, because both her & Daisy encourage him to chase them.  But when they get tired of the game & want to quit, he's still got lots of energy, & that's when Frijolita starts running in a panic.  Soooooo....... the game plan at this time is, Paladin gets to go out during the day.  If we are here, the 2 girls can be out & if panic chasing starts the girls will go in their pen, where they feel safe.  If we  are gone to town or somewhere else, we will put the girls in their pen before we leave.  Did that today & Frijolita was rattling the gate as we left, I guess to let us know we forgot to let her & Daisy out..........Jeesh, we can't win.....!!!  At night Paladin has to stay in, because we can't watch them all night. 

He does seem to be relating better to the other donkeys for whatever reason, I wish there was a better answer, but we'll try this routine for awhile & see how it works.  

Katie is starting to interact with the other donkeys a little better.  We know she had a baby about 3 years ago & wouldn't accept it.  I hope they raised it on a bottle or with a surrogate mother.  The more I watch her I am beginning to think Katie might have been an orphan & raised by people, which could be why she refused her baby.  She relates to people much better than she does to donkeys.  But I've noticed lately she is staying in the general vicinity of some of the other donkeys.  For awhile, she was off by herself, & showed no interest in the others at all.  I've caught her hanging with Buddy Brat a couple of times.  That would make a cute couple, they are about the same height, & both of them are a little bit broader than they should be. 
Buddy Brat with Visitors

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