Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This afternoon we decided to let Paladin out for an hour or so, before feeding time, to see how he would behave.  John let him out & said he walked out slowly, someone brayed over on burroland & Paladin took off like he was shot from a gun.  John figured he better follow along abeit rather slowly, so off he went.  By the time he got over there, he said they were all standing around looking at him, like they wondered what he was doing over there.  That's what they usually do when we go over there, for some reason they think that is "their" place & it's off limits to us humans.

John came in the house to report & about that time we heard thundering hooves pounding dirt.  I ran out to "save" whoever, & there went Paladin running for his life, with Gus in hot pursuit............!!!!  WOW this has never happened before.  Pretty soon they were rearing in the air & biting at each other & seemed to be having a great time.  Later on when John went to round everyone up, he said Paladin & Tula were.................well.........they were.............!!!!!!   Ha!  The other girls were in the neighborhood, but as far as we know he didn't pay any attention to them.  Tula was not mentioned as one to ignore, she's always been very capable of holding her own with him or anyone else.  Now maybe after an hour or so, he might get bored & try to stir up some of the others, but I was really amazed, his behavior was different than usual.  I'm willing to give it a try.  Linda sent me an herbal essence today to put in his food to help him not be quite so "energetic".  

I called & left a message for Susan tonight to see how the girls are doing in their new home.  Hopefully she will get a chance to call me back.  I'm sure everything is just fine, but I always like to check just to make sure. 

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