Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I was going to take pictures of the 2 girl's nasty feet this is raining even as I type, so I'll have to wait.

The brown girl is the leader according to the woman that had them.  But so far she will not go in the stock trailer to eat hay.  The little roan girl, sees no problem & hops right in so is getting most of the hay right now.  John is upset, & thinks the brown girl is going to starve.  I think she is really too smart to starve herself, especially when she has went in a couple of times, & has stood with her front feet in quite a few times.  She can also stretch her neck to extreme to reach some of the scraps from "roan" girl.  

The woman said they were named Ruby & Pearl, but I don't think they are names that mean anything.  Susan is going to name them after a friend of her that recently died, which I think is wonderful. 

They are very sweet girls that haven't been handled, so I think Susan will have a lot of fun, getting to know them & hopefully teaching them what they need to know, like haltering, leading, & picking up feet.  

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