Friday, February 19, 2010

Returning from The Battle of Wounded Knee - 1890

Susan called yesterday morning & said the girls are getting along just great.  They are fitting into their new routine & she is really enjoying them.  I think they will have a great long term home with her.  She said she will call with updates, which will be good.  We like to keep in touch with all our donkeys, although technically these 2 girls were never "ours".

Yesterday morning before Paladin went in his pen for the day he decided to see if Lucy might think he was cute.  Buster, as you might expect, didn't think much of Paladin's attention to his Lucy Girl.  Lucy didn't think much of it either, & kicked the snot out of him.  Once she kicked him a couple of times, he left her alone.  We were going to be gone for most of the day, so he had to stay in his pen for the day.  
But this morning he got to go out with everyone else including the girls.  He got his "slow down" drops in his feed this morning.  I also told Daisy & Frijolita to not run from him, & told him not to chase the girls unless they wanted to be chased.  He went out & was moseying around not really going after anyone & Hanna came over to entice him.  He really didn't show much interest & the last I saw of him, he was walking west on the property, following Buster & Lucy with the minis trailing him. John is going to spend most of the day outside to be referee if necessary.

This morning I heard the sounds of hooves outside the bedroom, so of course I had to get up to see what was going on.  There was a herd of 9 mulling around the windows, Paladin was checking each & every window out, like he was trying to figure out what they were.  I moved real slow, so as not to scare him, & started talking to him.  He seemed to find it all very interesting, hopefully in the future he won't try to see if he can push the windows in.  This summer when we have the windows open, the screens will push real easy.  In the past John has had to replace the screens in the spa room windows because to big fuzzy noses.  Of course that lets the cats out, which makes another problem.  

When they got tired of snotting the windows, they wandered off towards the feed room to await their breakfast.  The 5 jennies were still in their pens, until after breakfast, when it would be their turn to get out.  But hopefully if he behaves himself for a day or two, we'll be able to let him & the girls out together all the time.  It sure would make life easier on everyone.

Pepper got a new blanket.  His old one is still in good shape, but he's lost so much weight, even though it's adjustable, I could only adjust it so far, & it still was way too big.  He sure looked "dapper" last night, I'll try to get a picture of him with it on.  

He's been walking better the last few days.  I've tried different things to help make his legs more comfortable.  I sure the weather getting warmer helps as much as anything else.  When we drove in yesterday afternoon there was a "herd" down by the gate.  Pepper was wooing Jenny, prancing along, ears up & nuzzling her sides as she walked along.  Keeps the old boy moving I guess.................!!! Ha!

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