Thursday, February 04, 2010

Girl's update

These 2 girls are really really sweet.  Although the picture looks like they are the same size the lighter one is actually a couple of inches shorter.   They seem to be very curious & aren't spooky at all.  I do think they would kick if cornered, which is OK, you shouldn't be cornering them in the first place............!!!!  
This is a picture of their feet.  They aren't horribly long, but long enough to be uncomfortable.  With the wet weather these long feet make it easier for white line or abscesses to happen.  Not to mention thrush.  They both now hop in & out of the trailer like rabbits, so they have learned to live with the long feet.  

It took the brown one almost all day yesterday to FINALLY decide if she was going to get hay she was going to have to go in the trailer.  Of course by that time the lighter one had ate most of the hay.  So last night when we fed, going in the trailer was no longer a problem.  Of course tomorrow morning when we make them go in the trailer to go to their "pedicure",  they will probably think we're being predatory again. 

Poor Paladin is having to stay in his pen day & night.  The girl's pen is a mud lolly, so they are getting to be out all the time until it dries out.  I have never used an animal communicator before, but Courtney has suggested I try one with Paladin.  If he would just quit being so rough with the girls, he could be out all the time. But I can't get that thru his thick ADOLESCENT brain.  The only 2 he really chases are Daisy & Frijolita.  And Daisy will run in front of him to get him to chase her, so she doesn't help the situation.  Hanna likes to hang out with him, & if she gets tired of his nonsense, she double barrel kicks him till he quits.  I haven't noticed a problem with Jenny & he ignores Katie.  Actually Katie doesn't spend much time with the other donkeys.  I guess she has been by herself most of her life.  She does seem to be getting more involved in what the others are doing, but she certainly doesn't NEED their companionship. 

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