Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sandy & Martin went to their new home today.  Susan was so excited to see them & thought they were beautiful.  Unfortunately it started to rain just about the time we got there, so they unloaded in the rain.  As we all know rain makes for grumpy donkeys, but they were more than willing to take treats that Susan had for them.  She also has 2 large goats that thought the treats were pretty good.  The girls have been around goats before & seemed to take them & the dogs all in stride.  Susan said she would call in a few days & let us know how they are doing.  I'm sure they will do just fine, they seem to be very laid back, I never saw them kick, (well except at BlackJack right after they went out of their pen & he was being nosy) bite or even lay their ears back while they were here.  I just hope Susan doesn't spoil them, she seems to be the type.......!!! Ha!  

It has rained here at the house ever since we got home, which of course made for cranky donkeys here.  Quilla figured out if he stood on the feed house porch he was out of the rain.  I think he appreciated me putting his hay bunk up there, so he didn't have to get any wetter.  

For the 3rd time, when we got home from delivering donkeys we had an e-mail about 3 donkeys that are in a starvation situation along with some horses south of Tucson.  The authorities are involved & horse rescues are involved...........but the woman that contacted us was afraid the donkeys might get lost in the shuffle, if & when they are confiscated...............  SIGH,,,,,,,,!!!!!  I guess we really need to start looking harder for good homes for the ones we have that are adoptable, so we have room for just such a situation. 

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