Monday, February 15, 2010


I've never done this before, but figure it's worth the effort to help Paladin settle down.  As it is now he can't be out with the girls because he thinks it's great fun to chase them when they run.  And they run because he chases them.

Linda Johns called me this afternoon for his appointment.  After asking me a few questions, about his age, & how we got him, & what changes we wanted in his behavior, she said she would hook up with him for questions & answers.  We were on the phone almost an hour & I was impressed with what she was saying.  At one time she wanted the names of the 4 jennies he enjoys chasing the most.  I gave her the names & she came back with the information that the older one, actually thought the chasing was fun.  That would be Daisy & she is the one that ran in front of Paladin the other day, when John was trying to get him to quit chasing Frijolita & chase her instead.  

She said Paladin said he likes being here, except for the structure.  I didn't realize we ran such a tight ship around here. Ha!   Granted we have more rules than May had at his old home, since he was basically running wild on acreage.  He said the geldings don't let him be part of the "herd",  & the girls are fun to chase.  She said she told him that isn't acceptable behavior & he needs to work on his social skills with both the boys & the girls.  Quilla seems to like to play with him sometimes, but I haven't really seen any of the others pay much attention to him.  Of course he is 3 years old & the youngest male on the place is probably Chester at about 9.  Chester likes to play & can hold his own with the other geldings, even though he is lame.  But Paladin is so young, quick & strong, I doubt that Chester could keep up with him. 

We tried letting him out this afternoon, & at first he was behaving himself, although he did go over to Burroland where everyone was.  I followed him over there & watched what was going on.  After hanging out for a little while, he started after Cisco.  Cisco is probably in his late teens & was used as a roping donkey for years.  He was even loaned out to people that were learning how to rope.  So his legs aren't in real good shape.  But he was kicking Paladin as they ran around.  I finally yelled at Paladin, he looked at me & broke off the chase.  I thought, "this is working out pretty good".  I came in the house & the next thing I hear is the sound of thundering hooves.  Went out & he is in hot pursuit of Frijolita.  Linda said she told all the girls to not run, that he thinks it's great sport & a lot of fun & doesn't realize the girls are running because they are afraid of him.  But I guess Frijolita didn't get the message, because she was doing her best to keep ahead of him.  And he was really enjoying the chase.  I got between them 3 or 4 times, & he gave up on her, & started chasing Katie, who he has never chased as far as I know.  John & I got him to run into his pen, & we shut the gate on him.  Sooooooo..................  I'm not sure this is going to work.  I didn't see the start, so don't know if Frijolita started it by running or what.  He doesn't even bother the minis at all, not even the jennies.  And he didn't chase Daisy, Jenny & Hanna this time.   

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