Sunday, February 07, 2010



Unfortunately Paladin probably doesn't think so.  Because of his testosterone "problem"  & having to be separated from the girls, he's having to stay in his pen more than I'd like.  He was out yesterday, but the girls were out last night.  I wanted to let the 2 new girls out Paladin will have to stay in until tonight.  He's such a good boy, except for this one little problem.  I guess I'll have to call the communicator again, she didn't call back.  

The new girls are going to go out today for some exercise & prowling around.  I'm sure they are tired of their tiny little pen by now.  They still aren't too thrilled about being touched, but sure know how to face you & beg for goodies.  We had visitors yesterday & they brought a whole bunch of oranges. for donkey treats.  Tried the girls on oranges, yep, more, more, more.  So far I haven't found anything they don't like.  Usually the donkeys are lucky if they get orange rind, so they are really enjoying having access to the "whole" thing. 

So they'll get a few days of roaming around with the other donkeys.  Susan has about an acre I think she said, but they'll have a couple of goats to play with.   They've been with goats before, so hopefully there won't be any problems.  They are very mellow, so I think they will be just fine.  

Of course I thought that about the guineas too until a couple of days ago.  The male guinea has been flying out of the pen for a long time, every day.  I kept telling him a coyote or neighborhood dog was going to get him.  John found him stomped into the ground by donkey feet.  I don't know what happened, he's been doing this for months, so him running around certainly wasn't a surprise for them.  We have no idea who did it, the ground was so tore up there were no readable prints.  

Gus will be going to his forever home the 6th of March, & I just found out last night that Frijolita & Hanna will be going to their new home, with Tio & Jackie & 40 acres to roam on.  Don't know when but probably within the next week or two.  

It's so rewarding when they find good homes, just wish there were more of them out there.  I'm afraid animals needing homes will always outnumber the homes available. 


Dina said...

Oi, sorry about your guinea.

Tish said...

Thank you Dina, I love the guineas. They are so busy, & pretty. And they are good noisy watchdogs too.