Thursday, February 11, 2010

It didn't rain today, so the pens have had a chance to dry out a little bit.  We've been letting the girls eat outside because their pen is the worse one.  This morning I had to chastise Miss Hanna, she is a little bit of a food hog & decided that she was going to run everyone else off of the feeders.  She threw a kick in the vicinity of one of the others, & unfortunately for her I was also in the area.  That's the hardest I've gotten on her since she's been here.  I'd like to report that she was very contrite, but it would be a lie.  She did keep an eye on me while I was there, & did allow Daisy to eat with her, so I guess she at least was paying a little bit of attention.  
This afternoon when it was feeding time, we put the girls in their pen, & that was OK until we started putting out the hay.  Hanna decided that we forgot they were suppose to be eating outside.  She got the gate open, (yes, she's one of "those") & if John hadn't been quick, she would have been out.  Michael, our neighbor that's been helping feed, was in their pen parceling out hay, but she wasn't paying any attention to him at all.  From her point of view (I know this from reading her body language) we had forgotten how it's suppose to be done & it was up to her to "fix" it.  John had to physically haul her over to one of the feeders that had hay in it before she would give up on her mission.  

Quilla much prefers for the girls to eat in their pen.  They keep running him out of the feeders, so he is enjoying being able to eat in peace & quiet tonight. 

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