Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The girl's pen "finally" dried out enough they can eat in there again, rather than eating out with Quilla, Buster & Lucy.  I know Quilla is happy for them to be in there, rather than out with him. at feeding time .   This morning we had to make sure we clipped the gate or Hanna would have let everyone out, she is really quick at it.  We'll be going to town today, John is hoping his doctor will let him take the sling off his arm.  It's only been 5 weeks, they originally said 6 weeks,  we'll see.  So Paladin will have to stay in his pen.  I would like to let him out when we can watch him, & chastise him if he doesn't behave, but can't do it if we aren't here.  He's actually pretty good about going back in his pen, if we have to run him in.  I guess he sees it as an area of safety, when the silly people start running around chasing him.  

John actually worked in their pen yesterday with the tractor.  The ground was really torn up from them walking thru the mud, so he leveled it  & put down some PDZ to help sweeten it.  They have 2 long term "pee" ponds in the pen that need to be dug out & new sand put in.  He has to do this periodically, not only in their pen, but in Sha'ba's shelter.  For some reason Sha'ba has built & designed his pee pond right in the middle of the shelter.  And he lays down there.  I won't even tell you what his blanket he wears every night smells like.........and that's after being rinsed off.....!!!!  So John will have some digging to do when his arm gets back up to speed.  He doesn't trust me with the tractor in the pens.  I'm not real good at watching all 4 corners in close quarters, I guess he's afraid I'll cause more work than I accomplish........!!!  Ha! 

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