Monday, February 08, 2010


I almost missed getting a picture of the girls coming out of their pen yesterday morning.  I opened the gate & expected them to come out cautiously.  I opened the gate, stepped back  a couple of steps & here they came, like it was no big deal, even with the other donkeys everywhere.  So I snapped a quick picture & watched them for awhile. 
This is what their pen looked like within moments of them clearing out.  Buddy, Cisco, Justin & Cheyenne were more interested in seeing if the girls left any scraps of food, than welcoming them.  

As soon as they took a couple of kicks at BlackJack, they headed down to where a lot of the donkeys were in the trees waiting for the rain to start, which it did.  Later on in the afternoon I looked out & everyone had migrated up by the house, & right in the middle was the girls...........with Quilla trying to get them to realize what a wonderful guy he is.  He loves  all the girls in a platonic way almost as much as old Pepper does.  He has been hanging around their pen ever since they got here.........."just in case" I guess.  Ha!  

Since Paladin had been in over 24 hours he got to go out last night & all the girls stayed in.  Jenny told us about it almost all night long in her mournful bray. So the girls will get to go out today.  

This morning I looked out & BlackJack was playing with a gray donkey.  I can always tell them apart, but not in the throes of mock battle.  They were rearing & spinning, chasing & in general really moving around.  It was so active I guessed everyone except Chester......which in fact, is who it was.  He was really giving BJ a run for his money.  The improvement in his lame leg since Martha started massaging him about a year ago is amazing.  She thought he might have a paralyzed radial nerve, which had caused wasting of the muscles.  The muscles have filled in & it's been a long long time since I even saw him take a mis-step.  He still has a slight limp & always will probably, but he's come a long way from the 3 legged lame he use to be. 

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