Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't seem to recall how icky the winters were in Missouri when I was growing up, obviously, since our recent weather, really seems to be nasty.  And I'm in Arizona, where I know in the next couple of days it's going to dry out quickly.  Besides our property is covered with sand, gravel & rocks, so even when it's wet, it's not that boot sucking mud a lot of people have to contend with.  BUT I DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT.........!!!!!!!

Paladin has been a bad boy.  After being a good boy for 3 days & 2 nights the 3rd night John let everyone out of the pens & came back in the house.  It was one of those nights where our TV watching wasn't compatible, so John went down in the bedroom to watch TV.  I don't think he'd been gone 5 minutes, when I heard thundering hooves.  Went out, was smart enough to grab a flashlight on the way, & Frijolita was running & Paladin was chasing.  I yelled at Paladin & Frijolita headed right for me with him in pursuit.  That's fine, as soon as she got close I stepped between them, yelled & started waving my arms around.  He screeched to a halt & she stood behind me, while he tried to figure out what happened to his fun.  

I wanted him in his pen, since he couldn't behave, but couldn't take time to go get John, & lose Paladin in the dark.  Soooooo...........  I started following him & telling him to go in his pen.  Like that's going to happen, right..........??  I figured I'd still be following him in the morning when John came out & said, "I wondered where you went"..........!!!!!  LOL  One pass went fairly close to the Burroland gate, so I peeled off long enough to shut the gate, before he went over there.  It didn't take but about 20 minutes for him to give up & go in his pen.  He really is a smart guy, just likes to play too much & too hard.  

He does seem to be better, but Frijolita is too afraid of him to not run.  And once she runs he thinks it's great sport.  Yesterday we let him out for an hour or so before afternoon roundup & he did fine.  He stayed in last night & I let him out this morning.  He went out & started playing with any of the geldings that would play, even Justin one of the minis.  Justin doesn't seem to realize he's little, & Paladin does seem to pull his "punches" with Justin.  

Later on, I noticed Frijolita & Daisy standing under the big tree, with Frijolita on guard.  They wandered over to their pen, so I shut the gate on them.  I told them if they felt safer in there that was the best place for them.  We'll keep trying to let him out as much as possible, but only when we are here.  

I also worked with him this morning with halter & lead.  Haven't gotten brave enough to take him out of his pen on a lead yet, but soon, hopefully. 

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