Monday, May 15, 2017


Donkeys are creatures of habit, and don't appreciate changes in their routines.  The well drillers are here again today and have finally made it into the clay.  I don't know much about well drilling, but when they were in gravel they weren't putting water on out on the ground.  Now that they are in the clay, they are putting out either thin mud or thick water, depending on your point of view.  

You'll notice that the mud flow runs up next to the pen on the left and fairly close to the stock on the right.  The donkeys usually walk to the pens closer to the pen on the left.  But there isn't room there to walk without their feet getting in the mud/water.  I looked out and Gus was trying to figure out how to get where he wanted to go without touching the mud.  By the time I got out there he had already gotten too close and was mired in the mess.  

He can't turn around easily and if he had tried he would have gotten in deeper.  He also doesn't back up very well.  We finally got him out, with a little backing and a little turning and I rinsed his feet off.  BUT, the problem will still be there, when the others come in to be fed.  You can't imagine what a crisis can be caused by something so simple sometimes..........LOL

So John is out there with his tractor trying to clear an acceptable path, before they all line up out there with a disgusted look on their faces. 

John is moving it around, but it's still going to be wet, which isn't good.  The minis are watching the whole operation, but it will be interesting to see what the others do when they come in later.  

They are down to about 130 feet, and the clay is gumming up their drill bit.  They have to keep pulling it up to clean, so it's going to be a longer process that we hoped for probably.  

I was going to body clip Coquette this morning, but the feed room is too close to the noisy drilling.  I'm sure she wouldn't have been very cooperative, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Here's a nice picture of Quilla from Colorado. 

He looks good without leg wrappings......!!


Witcheylady said...

Gorgeous pic of Quilla! May I steal it?

Tish said...

Of course, steal away...........LOL