Monday, May 01, 2017


They left this morning around 10 o'clock, plan on driving about 350 miles and stopping for the night at a rest stop they know about.  With donkeys you can't go to a motel if you want to.  What if they decide to serenade at 3 in the morning?  LOL  

Loading and everything went smooth, except Leddy decided he didn't want to be in a trailer with 3 other donkeys.  He pitched a 1st class fit, kicking and biting the others, tried to bite me and that's when he got tied up in the back of the trailer.  The other 3, Turbo, Boaz and Quilla were relaxed in the front.    I would imagine by the time they stop for the night he will be of a different nature, at least I hope so.  I don't think Lynn and Linda had seen his temper before.  Hopefully he won't connect with those kicks and hurt the others.  Usually when the trailer is moving they concentrate on keeping their balance and forget about all that drama.  

I took these as they were leaving.  Lynn has the RV and Linda has the donkeys.  They each have 2 dogs in the trucks with them. I hope they have a safe uneventful trip, I'm sure they do too...........!!!

Courtney came yesterday to check on Gus.  His front feet are knuckling over because he doesn't put his heels down on the ground.  Basically he walks on his toes.  She's afraid the joints are fusing and asked if I would see if Tyler has any ideas on shoes that might stop it.  Gus still moves around, he has a routine that he goes thru every day, so he's not ready to give up.  But the feet are doing some changes that could lead to us having to make a decision about his quality of life.  It's not there yet, but we have to keep it in the back of our minds. 

Tucson Speedway put out the standings after Saturday night and I'm still in 1st place, but they are moving in on me..........!!!!   I thought they'd catch me this week, but I had a good night, so we'll see what happens next Saturday.  

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