Sunday, April 30, 2017


We raced last night and when we got home about 1:30am, there was a message from Kris, that people were bringing their animals home, although the pre-evacuation order had not been rescinded. Usually I think there is more news coverage in these situations.  This time coverage seem to be a little bit hit and miss.  

Last night when we were coming home, it was pretty dark, and I looked in the direction of the fire and couldn't see any glow or anything.  

I call her this morning and made arrangements to bring them home around noon.  Kris and Jim invited us out for lunch after we delivered the "fur" kids.  We had a great time at the Benson City Grille at the local golf course.  It's about the nicest place to eat in Benson, if you want to "dine".....!!  We sat on the covered porch overlooking the ponds, with ducks and coots, not to mention some kind of frogs that were quite chatty.  We even had time to just sit around and talk, was a real nice afternoon, weather was great.  As I always like to say, it was the type of weather people come to Arizona for.

I think the mules were glad to get home, they roamed around checking all their favorite spots, rolled some, check out their feed bins, just in case Kris had put in some goodies.  When we left they were way down the hill almost out of sight, didn't even say goodbye...........!!  LOL

 Gizmo begging for a cookie from John

Pooh Bear checking Linda out, she might have a cookie.  I thought Pooh was a Belgian mule, but Kris said she is a Halfinger. I know one thing she is a real "sturdy" type of gal.........!!

Well the races last night were "interesting".  I am in 1st place for end of the year points.  I figured last night, a couple of the guys would probably knock me off my perch.  Won't know for a couple of days, it takes for the results to be posted by the track.  I won my heat race which is my 1st win on the asphalt.  

I finished 3rd in the main event, after starting in 6th position.  Had some problems with one of the young boys, blocking me, when I would try to pass him.  That went on for 5 or 6 laps, while the 2 cars in front, were getting farther and farther ahead.  I have a video taken from inside my car and the consensus of most people is he was using a 2 way radio, so someone could tell him when to go high or low, to block me, when I'd try to pass him.  That's all well and good...........except Hornets aren't allowed to run 2 way radios.  I had to keep putting on the brakes, to keep from hitting him.  I finally got along side of him and he body slammed my car.  When we got out of that he was still in front and the next time he swerved in front of me, I didn't brake soon enough. He spun out and I didn't.............LOL  When I got to tech his Dad I guess, came over to tell me what he thought of my driving and what will happen next time.  

I sent the video to the race director and bet him a dollar the kid is running a 2 way radio.  I doubt that anything will come of it, but who knows, maybe he'll watch the kid a little more.  He was responsible for totaling a race car the last time we raced, so he does bear watching.  There's a group of about 3 or 4 drivers that seem to be a little bit rough and they run as a team, John's afraid they will gang up on me next Saturday.  Guess we'll find out..........!!!  LOL

Lynn and Linda are heading for Colorado in the morning with their 2 donkeys, Leddy and Turbo, and 2 of ours Cisco and Boaz, the skin problem kids.  They will also have their 3 dogs and our dog Saddik.  Should be an "interesting" trip.............!!!  LOL  They are only going to drive about 350 miles the 1st day and it's about another 350 miles to where they live.  I hope it's a good trip for them, I'm pretty sure it won't be boring..........!!!

Linda and Coquette being goofy

It's going to be boring around here without them, the donkeys will really miss them, because they spend a lot of time with all the donkeys.  Linda usually carries a brush in her pocket and brushes whoever she sees.  Lynn spends quality time with them too.  I looked out awhile ago, and they were packing in the dark or trying to figure out what they will take with them.  If it's something they won't need in Colorado, they will just leave it here for next winter.  They have pretty busy summer planned, hope it all goes well and they get to race the "burros", and Lynn gets to race in the people races with Saddik.

Lynn got to race last night on the asphalt for the 1st time.  He did really good, stayed out of trouble and had fun, managed to pass a car and bring it home in one piece.  He said that was his goals for the night........!!!  LOL  We'll be finished racing by the time they come back, but there's always next year. 

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