Sunday, April 09, 2017


A couple of weeks ago we did the St. Patrick's/Salute to the Troops parade, this week-end Tombstone had the Rose Parade yesterday and today they are having a pet parade.

We went yesterday just to be nosy.
Mike and Teresa were in town

Little guys hauling big wagon full of people

Pretty little girl

Canopy of rose blossoms, 9000 sq feet

Under the canopy rose bush from Scotland planted in 1885

Linda with some of the local color

Would be handy in this day and age, for men too.........LOL

Thanks for the pictures, Linda........!!

Today they are having a pet parade, Lynn and Linda are taking Leddy and Turbo dressed up for Easter.  The main objective is to get the boys use to being out in public.  Actually Lynn is going to be dressed as a carrot, which if the boys can handle that they should be able to handle anything......LOL

John is going dress like a Tombstone regular, in his cowboy gear he wears when he does jeep tours.  He will have a basket of plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, to hand out to the people along the parade route.  Me............I'm going to take pictures, figured I couldn't get in too much trouble doing that.......!!!  

We got up at 4AM to feed and am waiting now for the boys to have time to finish their breakfast before we load them and head for Tombstone.  We forgot to close Burroland last night, so of course this morning most of them were over there and saw no reason to come over here in the dark, besides it was cold and they don't like to move until the sun comes up.   Lynn had great fun, finding them and insisting they come over here, but they all finally made it.  Now we just have to wait, we'll start loading at 8AM.  Lynn and Linda have been working with them, so hopefully they will load without drama. 


Witcheylady said...

LOVED the pics. Great pic of you & John under the canopy rose bush....should frame that one <3

Tish said...

Yep,far enough away the wrinkles don't show............LOL