Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The reason I say that is............we took the flannel sheets off the bed yesterday and for about the last week or so, EVERYONE are wearing fly masks, during the day.   And the mesquite trees are leafed out.  Its also in the high 80's, low 90's and the weather people are wondering when we'll hit 100*.  Hopefully not for awhile. 

Linda too these pictures the 1st day, it's almost like they were showing off their new masks
Last night after chores I got a frantic phone call from Linda, who adopted Chester from us about 7-8 years ago.  She is living in Tucson right now and the neighbors are taking care of the donkeys, although Linda visits with them 3 days a week.  

The neighbor called Linda and said Chester couldn't walk, looked like his shoulder was dislocated.  Linda called me on her way to Benson from Tucson and asked if I'd meet her.  Linda and I hopped in the car and took off.  She beat us there, and Dr. Jeremy was also there.  Of course he just lives a couple of miles where the donkeys are.  

He had already opened up a hoof abscess and Chester was actually walking pretty good by the time we got there.  Dr. Jeremy also told us it is almost impossible for an equine to dislocate a shoulder because of the way they are built.  Good information to put in my memory bank.  

Chester wears a toe shoe on that foot and it was time for him to be trimmed and the shoe reset.  Tyler, bless his heart came out after Linda and I headed for home and trimmed Chester and put a duct tape boot on to protect it for a few days.  Hopefully that keep it open enough to drain before it heals over.  

When Chester was here we had to take him to the vet clinic in Gilbert for what we thought was an old wound from being kicked.  Turns out he had a infection that was really nasty, and had caused him to be 3 legged lame.  

Believe it or not, this is after the surgery and what it looked like when we brought him home.  I called the clinic and they said it was just fine and I guess it was.  It healed without even leaving a scar.  

This is Chester and John years ago.  I've always thought Chester is a prime example of what a donkey should look like.  He's always been a very pretty boy. 

Chester came to us because he had been kicked in the pasture and was lame.  We finally figured out he had a paralyzed radial nerve in his leg, where he had been kicked.  

This is Martha an equine massage therapist, Courtney brought out, when he was so lame.  She worked on him quite a few times, and managed to get the nerve operational again, and he has walked with almost no limp at all ever since.  

This morning I had to call Dr. Jeremy out for a poked eye.  Poked eyes are scary, you never know if the cornea is scratched or not.  It's great having a vet almost on call, I've really never had this particular pleasure before and I'm making the most of it.  After he got here he said he hadn't had any appointments for today, and had planned on going for a ride on his motorcycle.  Unfortunately the people he was going to ride with were meeting at 9am, so he missed out........!!  And it was just a run of the mill poke, nothing special............SIGH

Lynn and Linda are gathering up their stuff to head back to Colorado the end of the month.  We really are going to miss them and I know the donkeys will.  They spend a lot more time with the donkeys than we do and it shows.  I won't say the donkeys are pushy, but they make sure they are where the people are, just in case someone wants to pet or brush them........or give them a cookie.  

Pepsi has started hanging around their RV, he knows they both are in there.  Linda usually comes out first in the morning and he gets petted and probably a cookie or two.  Rather than follow her down to the feed room, he waits for Lynn to come out, for the required petting and cookies.  

It looks like Quilla and Boaz will be heading to Colorado, when they go.  Both of them have bad skin problems in the summer.  We are hoping the cooler, higher altitude will help with their problems.  As I told Linda if it doesn't she's going to have a fun filled summer playing doctor/nurse, she said that's OK.  

So they will be traveling with 3 dogs, and 4 donkeys.  They've decided to leave their RV here, rather than drag it back, which is a good idea.  Besides that way we know they'll be coming back next winter.......LOL

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