Monday, April 03, 2017


Yesterday was an "interesting" day.  Tyler and his helper Dave were here before we finished feeding in the AM.  His days start early and end late.  They came to trim Penny and check Gigi's shoe.  We have an order in for some donkey stocks, so these 2 girls will be easier to work with.  The stock in the link isn't exactly like what we are getting, but will give you an idea.  Ours will also be portable, John will be able to move it around with the tractor.  We ordered it after Tyler's last visit, but so far it hasn't appeared.  Tyler was suppose to call today and see what is taking so long.  I'm sure his call will carry more weight than mine....... LOL

Let's see, after that we had some people out for a tour.  They had a little girl about 2 years old and she has no fear, which is a good thing at that age.  But it was rather exciting too...!!!  Most of the donkeys love kids and seemed to enjoy her attention.  

Dr. Jeremy stopped by on his way out to play with his jeep.  He's got an old one that isn't a rock crawler, but has a winch and big tires, and looks like it can probably go anywhere he wants to go.  Unfortunately he got an emergency call and headed out to go home and get his vet truck, rather than go play.  Since he moved into the area last fall and is available 24/7 he's been staying pretty busy, night and day.  I'm sure he's glad, but vets need down time too.  We don't want him to burn out,   available vets are too valuable.  I wouldn't have taken the 3 boys in to board, if we hadn't had a local vet.

Courtney came out to build Gus some new feet in late afternoon, in fact by the time she got here, we had already fed.  Well we hadn't, I missed feeding altogether.  Sundays after we race are usually low key, this one wasn't.  Getting in 1-2am and the donkeys expecting breakfast at their normal time, makes for a short night.  By afternoon I was asleep on my feet, so laid down to take a nap.  I never do that, but it was either that or curl up on the floor.   Guess I'm getting old......!!!  LOL

Courtney got here and went to work.  

Well, first we had to contend with the "lookie lou"  neighbors.  These are the 3 new boys and they are about the nosiest donkeys I've ever seen and that's saying a lot...!!

Just like icing a cake

Building up his foot with casting material

Just about done with that foot

Ready for the other foot

I don't think epoxy would taste very good

Waiting for the epoxy to dry

Thanks for the pictures, Linda

Courtney loves Gus, she has kept him going for much longer than we thought he would go.  The bones in his feet are demineralized and the inside of the hoof is a rather loose knit operation to hold up a 500 pound animal.  He roams all over the place, just not very fast.  He has a good life with restriction because of his feet, but all in all we can keep him comfortable.  He's always at the front of the gang, when we have people out to see the donkeys and if there are children that really gets his attention.  Chronic founder isn't for sissies, that's for sure.  

As I alluded to, we raced Saturday night.  The weather was terrible, it was trying to rain when we got there, and that lasted for most of the afternoon, but it finally quit.  Still had the wind and chilly temperatures though.  Didn't do much for having spectators, only the die hard race fans, showed up. 

I finished 2nd in the heat race, to a guy that side slammed me at the finish line.  I stayed with him, but he won the drag race.  He needs to control his enthusiasm on the track, or he won't survive, at least his car won't.  I was rather rude to him in the main event, he wrecked with someone else in the corner and was sideways in front of me.  I might have been able to slam on the brakes, but in those situations you're better off to plow thru, which I did.  I think John said he spun around and kept on going, so it was just one of those racing deals....!!  LOL  But I will keep an eye on him and another one too.  I think they are just kids, but they need to learn some manners......!!!  

I finished 3rd in the main event, which goes really good with the 2nd place finish in the 1st race we  had, so I can't complain.  Different guys finished 1st each time, so my consistency has put me in 1st place for points, at least until the next race April 29th.......!!!   LOL  


Witcheylady said...

There are no words that can express the deep gratitude that I feel to you, John & Courtney (of course) for taking such good care of Gus. I'm sure I could not have found another Courtney here.

Tish said...

She is bound and determined that he's going to be around for a lot longer. Every time something new comes out, if it sounds interesting, she thinks about if it will help Gus. If it can help Gus, then it will be good for the others, who aren't quite as bad.