Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Got a call this morning that they were ready to bring the stock out today.  You might know John was gone to Larry's to fix the damaged door on my asphalt car.  Lynn and Linda were gone to Tucson, and Doug got back just before Darren got here with the stock.

It's not a lightweight piece of equipment, so we needed the use of the tractor to pull it off the trailer.  I haven't learned how to use the tractor, certain things are just "guy" things to me.  I think it has to do with my age, men don't cook and women don't drive tractors.........LOL  I know that is a generality, but every time I see a woman driving a car with a man riding, I notice it.  OH! well I think society will survive without my idiosyncrasy's becoming mainstream in the 21st century, as long as society allows me to quietly notice and shake my head on occasion.......!!!

Back to this morning.  Darren hopped on John's little sub compact tractor and away he went.  


I have a feeling Penny and Gigi aren't going to be the least bit impressed.  In fact Penny was watching the whole process from the west end of the pens, close enough to watch, far enough away, no one was going to think she wanted to participate in the adventure.  She is very smart and I wouldn't be surprised if she has already figured out not to go anywhere close to this new "thing".  

Today seems to be wrestling day for the geldings.  The 1st ones were Smokey Joe and I think it was Pepsi, could have been Justin.  They were in the 3 Amigos pen and it looked like Smokey Joe did want whichever mini it was, in there.  He was being more forceful than they usually are when playing.  So I went out and became head jenny, to break it up.  Later on, Leddy and Buddy were at it.  No girls around, just boys, being boys I guess.  I don't like them to be squabbling in the pens, too easy for someone to get hurt.  As it is Joe shoved the mini into the wooden shelter pretty hard.  He would have went down if the shelter wall hadn't been there.  That's when I decided enough was enough.  

Linda is getting OJT on doctoring the last couple of days and it's with Quilla and Boaz the 2 they might take to Colorado with them, so she'll be all trained.  Hopefully the cooler weather up there will make a difference with their skin issues and she won't have to doctor them, at least I hope so.  Quilla also has edema on his belly.  He's had it before, almost the whole belly area has a relatively hard swollen area, that is about 2 inches thick.  I've had vets look at it and they just prescribe a round of antibiotics, which seems to make it go away.  So that's what we're doing.  SMZ's are given twice a day and taste nasty.  Tucoprim is give once a day and tastes good.  Guess which one I have?  So she is also learning how to grind SMZ tablets and mix them with molasses, given with a syringe.  She really catches on to all this quickly.  Quilla's knee is having to be doctored, I use a diaper on it.  She hasn't got to do that yet, probably next bandage change in a couple of days, I'll let her do it.  But the hope is, she won't need to use all this medical stuff on the boys this summer in Colorado. 

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