Monday, April 17, 2017


As we've gotten older we don't do much celebrating anymore.  Linda doesn't let that interfere with her holiday spirit......!!!   LOL

Yesterday morning John came in and said we had been invited to a SCAVENGER HUNT.......!!!  He had the 1st clue in his hand that said "his family likes engines".....!!!  Had to be Turbo.  The donkeys were already out and we were headed out to find Turbo, when Linda took pity on us and said the hunt was pretty much within the pen area.

We headed for his pen and started looking around and turning stuff over.  

It took awhile for us to figure out the logistics of the hunt.  Of course the next clue was in the last place we looked.........the orange traffic cone right behind me........!!!   LOL

Leddy was the 1st "troll" we came across.  We had been warned of "trolls" along our way, so we were carrying animal crackers, just in case.  

The next clue was "go to the 7th letter of the alphabet x 2.  We got to the 7th letter "G" and then we got off track, till Linda kinda helped.  I think our brains are wore out.........!!!!   LOL  She gave us enough clues to come up with G-G aka Gigi, so we headed off for her pen.  There are only so many places in the pens to hide anything, and by now we're getting into the swing of things and found it rather quickly.  

Next clue,  what do amigos, blind mice and little pigs have in common?  The number 3 comes to mind and 3 amigos had to be Shaggy Bill, Don Juan and Smoky Joe........sure enough the next clue was in their pen.  We're really starting to get into this by now........!!! LOL

If we had a 100 of her, we'd have a dollar............!!!!  That had to Miss PennyPacker's pen and it was.  

The last clue was go to the pen where you would play a popular card game............had to be BlackJack.........!!!  

The gate was closed to keep the "trolls" out and there we found our Easter basket, with 2 little furry donkeys, some Easter suckers and a donkey T-shirt that unfortunately fit John........Ha!

Thanks for all the pictures, Linda and thank you so much for the fun we had, and the effort you put into entertaining us, it was great.......!!!

I tried to take a picture of the little donkeys tonight, but I'll try again in the morning.  Let's just say, daylight will make a difference.........LOL


This is a pretty special picture Linda took, yesterday.  The subject of the picture on the left is Penny, who is fairly distrustful of new things.  Linda has taken on the project of getting her a little more comfortable with new ideas.  Looks like she's willing to try, for Linda at least. 

This is Buddy aka Buddy Brat.  He sometimes seems to get lost in the shuffle.  He is just a little grey donkey with a weight problem nothing special, I guess.  He was the 3rd donkey we got years ago and did go out to a home for a couple of years.  Unfortunately he and Honcho were returned and the people had allowed him to gain a lot of weight which took a long time to get off of him, for the 2nd time.

When he was younger, we called him Brat for cause.  Because he loved to get into everything he could, one time he found a roll of paper towels in the back of the van and TP'ed the driveway, until the roll ran out.  LOL 

Coquette is another one that kinda gets lost in the shuffle.  She's just a fat donkey with skin problems in the summer.  We've actually managed to get a lot of her extra weight off..........but..........when mesquite bean season gets here, she'll probably end up having to be in a pen.

Last year I had her checked for Cushings, since she doesn't shed out.  Her numbers came back good.  She has guard hairs, like BlackJack so I think she might have some Poitou blood in her also.

I would imagine she enjoyed playing dress up for Linda, she's loves attention.  

The 1st thing I said when I saw this picture is, "what happened to Lynn's ears"?  I thought they were in the hat, but Linda took another picture that shows they are laid down behind the hat.  Donkeys look rather weird without their ears...........LOL


ellie k said...

Linda must be so much fun to have around for people and donkeys. I will miss her pictures.

Tish said...

She and Lynn really brighten up our days, that's for sure. She takes so many pictures, I'll miss them too.