Saturday, April 22, 2017


Thank goodness it has nothing to do with donkeys.  They all seem to be doing good, although I am having to keep Quilla's legs covered already.  I assume the heat, we're hovering around 90 every day and the sun work together to cause his legs to get bloody quickly.  I can check his legs in the morning and they will be bloody by afternoon.  I hope when he and Boaz go with Lynn and Linda to Colorado for the summer that Linda doesn't have to spend the whole summer doctoring.  

The dirt track was suppose to have a race the 29th, next Saturday.  They haven't had a lot to say on the internet, in fact they haven't said anything at all.   A few days ago, Jackie a volunteer that has been doing what she could to get the track up and running, put out the word, there would be a work detail this morning to trim trees in the parking lot.  

So we loaded up chain saws, loppers, whatever we thought we'd need and headed out after feeding the donkeys at 4:30AM..........!!!  YIKES..........!!  Wanted to get there before it got too hot.

Got out there and Jackie and her husband were the only ones there and that didn't change, I'm sorry to say.  

This is Linda and John cleaning up a tree, all the green at their feet is limbs they've already cut off.  I don't think the trees have had much care lately.  

An hour or so into our project Jackie got word that the track wasn't going to race the 29th after all........!!!  I don't know who was more disappointed, her or me............or Lynn.  He was looking forward to getting to race again before they head home.  

We stayed around and trimmed what we could and then headed home.  I don't think there will be dirt races this year which is very disappointing for a lot of people.  John just got my dirt car finished, so he built 2 cars that won't have a place to race. 

But I will get to race at the asphalt track the 29th and try to hang onto my 1st place.  I would imagine that prestigious position will belong to someone else before the night is over, but I'll give it my best shot.  

On the way home we went to St. David a little farming town SW of Benson.  They were having a big auction of 7 parcels of land, individually, some with houses, some with pecan orchards.  All together I don't think there was 150 acres  involved.   A real estate agent bought the whole group for just a little less than 1 million dollars, not sure but it was about $995,000 with a 6% buyer's fee.  Everyone seemed to think it will be chopped up into a couple of acre plots and they will either build houses on the land or sell it at a profit to someone that will. Hate to see irrigated pasture and pecan orchards disappear.  

When we got home the donkeys had turned on one of the water spigots and ran about 200 gallons of water out on the ground.  It wouldn't be newsworthy except we are waiting right now for the state to give us a permit to drill a new well.  Yesterday we had 1600 gallons of water delivered for the 2nd time in a month, our well just isn't keeping up.  When it was put in 25 years ago it was done with a cable drilling set up, in fact the equipment was oil field equipment from Odessa, Texas, where I was born.  The guy that drilled it was just about to retire, so he'd been doing it for a long time and hadn't changed over to modern drilling equipment.  He also used a welding torch to cut slots in the well casing, so the water could flow into the pipe.  That's fine, except over the years the slots have closed up from the minerals and calcium in our water.  We've had it cleaned once and were told that it couldn't be cleaned again without probably damaging the casing.  So it's time to "bite the bullet" and get a new well.  John thinks it will only take them a couple of days to put down a 500 foot well with new equipment, but first we have to get the permit.  The drilling company had penciled us on their schedule to start this Monday, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Thanks for the picture, Doug

Saddik is going to Colorado with Lynn and Linda for the summer.  So they will be taking Quilla, Boaz and Saddik.  I caught Lynn even eyeing Moogee the cat last night........!!!   LOL  

Lynn likes to run with Saddik, he has a special lead, that attaches to his waist and Saddik, usually runs right next to Lynn.  He's got such long legs he can really run fast and Lynn likes the challenge.  I guess a lot of the races allow dogs, and Lynn wants to see if Saddik is as good as he thinks he will be.  Not at the same races where the donkeys are racing thank goodness, I would imagine that could be quite "interesting", since donkeys don't like dogs that aren't part of their family and will try to stomp them. 

So they will leave here with 4 donkeys and 4 dogs.  I probably should check their trucks and trailer before they get out the gate, at this rate, when they leave.  LOL

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