Friday, April 14, 2017


Got a call a couple of days ago to bring a donkey to see if the stocks were going to be the right size.  We couldn't take Penny or Gigi, since they are the reason we have to have the stocks.  Let's just say they aren't very cooperative, especially when something new has been added to the mix.  

We went thru all the names, trying to decide who was closest to their size,  Boaz won the brass ring.  Yesterday after chores we loaded him up and headed for Benson.  

They just had it tacked together and didn't have the rubber mat installed on the floor.  I really didn't like the way the floor looked, too slick and shiny.  But we were there for a fitting and I decided to give it a try.  




But between Linda and me tugging on the front end and John and Lynn picking up feet on the other end we got him on it.  Almost immediately his feet slide out from under him, off the side and he panicked, as we all did.  He managed to get his front feet on the ground and dragged his rear feet behind him.  In the process one of his back legs got cut at the fetlock.  At first he wouldn't put it on the ground and I was afraid he had broken the fetlock.  Then the blood started gushing, which we all panicked again.  

John found some shop towels and duct tape in the truck and I made an emergency bandage.  He finally put his foot down on the ground and the bandage seemed to slow down the blood, so they decided they could take measurements with him beside it.  Boaz decided he had seen enough of that "thing" and wasn't going anywhere close to it.  So they had to estimate their measurements.  Could have saved a lot of anxiety, both human and donkey if we'd done that in the first place. 

By the time we were ready to load after many cookies by all, begging forgiveness he was walking on his left rear and not even limping.  WHEW.....!!!  

Got him home, removed my bandage and it had quit bleeding.  He has 3 gouge marks all the way to the bone.  I put some Underwood Horse Medicine on the wounds, Linda gave him bute last night and this morning and it's dry and healed over, thank goodness. So I guess that crisis is over...........unless we want to put him in the stock sometime in the future.  I have a feeling he's not going to be the least bit interested in anything to do with that THING........!!

We're also going to have to work with Gigi and Penny, to get them use to it.  Neither of them are easy to work with and are suspicious of anything new, or different, so it might take awhile.......if ever.

Yesterday the dirt track put up a schedule that shows Hornets racing the 29th of April.  We haven't heard anything for weeks about what classes were running when and the word on the street was, they weren't even going to race Hornets.  I have a real dilemma, I want to do what I can to promote the track and make sure they have enough Hornets to race.  BUT, I am in 1st place at the asphalt track for end of the year points and their schedule has been out for months.....!!  I have always said if a racer wants a track to race at the only excuses for missing a race night is, you are in the hospital or dead.........LOL  Guess I'll have to add another excuse, I can't walk away from being in 1st place, sorry Wildcat Raceway.   I've been trying to find out what time they are racing at Wildcat.  The tracks are about 6 miles apart, if they were racing in the afternoon, I might could race both tracks, with a lot of help from other people.  But it looks like they will be racing at night also, so it just isn't going to happen. 

Lynn and Linda had planned on leaving for Colorado the 28th or 29th, but I think they will be leaving later, so Lynn can race on dirt the 29th.  That causes another dilemma, Lynn needs someone to help him get his safety gear on, and get to staging on time.  John drew the short straw, and will go over with him.  John's kicking and screaming, but there will be plenty of people at the asphalt track to help me if I need it.  He just won't get to see me race...........LOL

Rod, our son will be racing his modified at the asphalt track, and just found out today our grandson hopefully will have his Super Stock at the dirt track.  So John will maybe get to see him race and I won't.  Life just isn't fair sometimes..........!!!! LOL 


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