Monday, April 10, 2017


For some reason Leddy had a bee in his bonnet, even before we left for the parade.  And his disposition didn't improve as the day wore on.  He wasn't bad he just wasn't his usual happy boy.  

Maybe he didn't like all his "stuff", although he was grumpy even before Linda "dressed" him.

But he was ready for his adoring public

Turbo on the other hand, was Turbo, except for chewing on the lead ropes.....!!!

Family portrait getting ready to go

 They didn't win any prizes, but then again the competition was pretty strong.  

A 70 pound desert tortoise, won most unusual
I miss my chickens..!!

It was a good outing for the boys, they need to get use to any and everything going on and not let it 
bother them.  They are both are really good, and Turbo only being almost 3 years old is amazing, Mr Cool, Calm and Collected he is.  

Lynn was a carrot, the night before we were trying to figure out how to put the green carrot top on his hat.  Boy, that kept us busy for awhile, think of the empty cardboard center of a toilet paper roll spray painted green to hold up the floppy stuff. BUT, people recognized that he was a carrot, so I guess it worked............LOL  He's as good as John is about going along with whatever crazy idea Linda comes up with.  

Parades don't always move, so there is down time.  John was dressed up like he dresses when he goes on his jeep tours, complete with his 45 on his hip.  In the hand you can't see he had an Easter basket and plastic eggs with candy in them, to hand out along the parade route.  I did get a little bit of negative feedback, when he found out he was going to be a cowboy, carrying a pretty Easter basket.  He said some of the local characters, that roam the streets of Tombstone everyday as old west characters, looked at him a little strange..........LOL  They probably just thought he was an outsider trying to move in on their territory.  

This is Nigel with the eggs, after we filled them.  He was plowing thru them and when Linda gathered them up, he tried to lay on them.  Would love to know what he was thinking......!!!

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