Monday, April 24, 2017


We were going to work with both Gigi and Penny this morning, but Penny was still eating, so she got a vacation today.  

Linda put a halter on Gigi, Gigi followed her to the stock and went back and forth like it was no big deal.  Of course I'm sure the steady supply of animal crackers helped.....!!!  LOL 

 She needs to learn to go with whoever is leading her, so John took a turn and she followed him just as good.  Tomorrow we will get her in there and put the chains up, so she can't go forward or backward.  Hopefully that will go smoothly. 

This is Smokey Joe, he looks like he's checking out the golf cart, but in reality he is trying to get someone to give him animal crackers. 

Wish Don Juan didn't have his fly mask on, this would have been a nice picture.

OBTW, yesterday John was cleaning out the bed of the pick-up and guess what he found?  MY WATCH......!!!  I guess when I reached over the side of the pickup to get the loppers, it fell off my arm.  Glad he found it, he got that watch for me in Saudi probably25 years ago and it's a good one.  

I thought I had wrote about my watch, but after being in town all day, and rereading this post I noticed I didn't say anything about it yesterday.

Before we left the track, I noticed I didn't have my watch and knew I had put it on before leaving the house.  We all tried to backtrack everywhere I'd been, and checked the piles of limbs.  We did find a dime, some beer cans and other assorted shiny things,  but not the watch.   So I was very glad when he told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out.......!!!

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