Friday, March 31, 2017


Well I can't think of anything to use as a headline.  Patti told me one time I should always use a headline, so there it is.....!!!  LOL

We're all staying busy it seems.  A neighbor that knows how to hook up a pack saddle came over today to show Lynn and Linda how to do it.  It went well, they even put hobbles on Turbo, just for fun and he just stood there, like no big deal.  

Had the well guys out to see why our well isn't keeping up.  A few years ago they came out and tried to clean the calcium out of the holes in the well pipe.  I would imagine the calcium has built up again, closing off the holes, so the water can't get in.  They checked the recovery time and I guess it isn't very good.  So I guess we'll be getting a new well dug.............SIGH  John asked when they could do it, their waiting list is a year long...........!!!  YIKES  They gave John the name of a couple of other drillers, but they haven't called back yet, so no telling when we'll get someone out here.  Our well is pretty shallow, hit water at 80 feet and the well is 120 feet deep.  But it is sitting on a layer of clay.  When the well was drilled the driller said in this area the clay could be 100 feet deep or it could be 1000 feet deep, so we had him stop.  Since then we've talked to a couple of neighbor's that drilled thru 400 feet of clay and have good wells.  So I guess we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best, if and when we find someone to drill it.  

Last night Lynn and Linda started dressing up Leddy and Turbo for the Tombstone parade the 8th and 9th of April.  They are both so good to work with, nothing seems to faze them.  Turbo didn't even mind Linda putting a bunny tail on his butt.  It's actually going to be higher than it is in the picture, but I think we're going to have to super glue it to his hair.  Quilla and Pepsi, still have super glue on their foreheads, where we glued their hats for the St. Patrick's Day parade a couple of weeks ago.  I need to take the scissors out and trim it off. 

I got some artificial flowers in town today.  Linda had originally wanted to use real flowers, but decided that they would probably be a tasty snack if someone didn't watch Turbo, closely.....!!!  She still wants John and I to take a donkey or two, but we want to just go and help if needed.  

Racing tomorrow night.  This is only the 2nd race on the asphalt for the Hornets this year.  They have told us the Hornet race will be a Bump and Run.  I have no clue what that is, but it sounds like metal to metal is going to be allowed....!!!  That will be different, the race director usually screams bloody murder if someone bangs on someone else.  

I had to doctor Rosie's belly today.  Doug saw her scratching her belly and sure enough she's got it bloody.  Last summer she had to be doctored daily, and I'm sure this summer won't be any different.  The vets have tried all sorts of medicines and taken scrapings to see what it is.  That came back inconclusive, so I really don't know what it is.  Steroid creams seem to work the best to keep it under control, poor girl.  

Hopefully tomorrow morning we can get everyone wormed, at least that's the plan.  So far the flies aren't too bad, so I'm holding off on fly masks as long as I can.  They'll have less time to tear them up......!!!  LOL

John and Lynn have been working on Rosie's shelter.  She ate the other one, so there is going be to more metal on this one. 

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