Saturday, March 11, 2017



Next Saturday is the big day.........!!!  Yesterday my friend Georgette came out, so we could all practice a little bit, with all 5 donkeys.  We had them lined up like we thought they should be, Leddy behind the golf cart, then the 2 minis, Quilla and BlackJack bringing up the rear.

 John and BJ trekking  behind the golf cart

After wrestling most of them, the lineup became, BlackJack in front, Leddy, the minis single file (for the most part) and Quilla bringing up the rear.  They all seemed to like this lineup better, so we'll go with it.  Over the years we've figured out that just because the line up looks good to us, that doesn't mean, for instance Leddy wants to lead, or the minis want to walk side by side.  Years ago we tried to get a picture of us and all the donkeys with Christmas hats on.  At the time I think we had 8 or 9 donkeys.  It wasn't pretty, let me put it this way, we never tried it again.  Donkeys that get along on a regular basis, refused to stand beside "HIM" or "HER".  So we had to figure out who would stand next to who.  By that time the ones that had been standing nicely, decided they had stood long enough and wanted to leave.  Our neighbor's were taking the pictures, we told them to just take as many as they could and hopefully at least one would be decent enough to use for Christmas.  We did get one to use, but it wasn't with everyone facing the same direction, ears up alertly, eyes looking into the camera, which is what my goal had been..........!!!   LOL

 Linda with Leddy behind BJ

This is going to be a busy week around here, Lynn and Linda's friend John is coming in from Colorado, he will drive the decorated golf cart in the parade.  I have a cousin coming in from Oklahoma.  They are actually coming to see Kartchner Caverns, but since we're so close they're coming out to see us too.  

Tuesday we have a tour coming out from Green Valley and a tour from Cochise Terrace RV Park .  Ellen has been out here before and is getting a group together from Green Valley to come out and see the donkeys.  Linda has kept her contacts at Cochise Terrace, that's where she and Lynn were staying last year before they came out here to finish out the spring before heading back to Colorado.  In fact Jeanne, that sewed up the costumes for the parade is from Cochise Terrace.  Last year Michelle, another Cochise Terrace resident fixed some of the fly masks that had gotten torn up and made some leg covers to protect from the flies. 

Saturday is going to start about 4AM, so we will have time to feed everyone, load up donkeys and stuff to dress 5 donkeys, hay, water...........and I'm sure we'll forget something that will be absolutely necessary........!!!   LOL  The parade doesn't start until 11AM, but I'm sure we will still be getting ready when it starts.  I envy people that are so organized, they are ready and waiting. Hopefully someone in our group is that organized............LOL


Tomorrow Turbo's original mom, Peggy is coming out for a visit. She's kept in touch with Linda on a regular basis.  She bred and birthed him, so I'm sure she wants to see how he is doing in his new surroundings.  He's fit right in with everyone here and seems to be having a good time, so I'm sure she will be happy with his new life.

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