Thursday, March 16, 2017


Actually tomorrow is the "big" getting ready day.  Everyone has something to do today, John is doing a jeep tour, I took Doug to the hospital this morning in the dark to have surgery on his neck again.  Lynn and Linda got a call back from Wheel of Fortune that was in Tucson a few weeks ago and has to be at one of the casinos in Tucson this afternoon to hopefully make it on the show.  And their friend John, who will be driving the golf cart in the parade, was in the Albuquerque, NM area head this way from Colorado this morning.  

So I will probably be rounding up and feeding donkeys by myself this afternoon.  They get cranky when only one person feeds, they seem to think it takes too long.  I always tell them, there is only one of me, and more of them, so they might as well be patient.  They don't seem to see it that way at all.....!!

But tomorrow, after I go pick up Doug and he crashes in his RV, the rest of us will be gathering up stuff and making sure we have everything.  I'm sure we won't, but that's the plan.  Linda is going to wash Quilla, he is white and when he pees, it splashes on his hind legs and stains. So hopefully he'll come out white and fluffy, Linda is a determined sort, so I would imagine he will be as white as snow, when she's done..........LOL    

Next week our little family will grow by 3 more donkeys.  There is a lady with 3 donkeys that needed a place to park them while their new home with acreage is finished.  They have acreage now, but that place has sold and they are moving into an apartment in the meantime, waiting for the new place to get finished.  She's had these donkeys for 17 years thru a move from Colorado to the Phoenix area and we were recommended to her by another rescue. 

Trying to figure out the pen arrangements is a lot of fun, but I think I finally got it done.  Moving BlackJack would be the easiest, he's been in so many pens over the years, it's like "whatever", as long as there is food in the pen, he doesn't care.  Some of the others are a little more set in their ways and insist on going in "their" pen.  Unfortunately BJ is in one of the smaller pens, and I wouldn't want to put 3 donkeys in it.  Penny has one of the larger pens, but moving her would probably be traumatic.  Same with Gigi, who is also in one of the larger pens.  Frijolita will probably get evicted, she's in a good size pen, with a large shelter and we can just move her one pen over...........problem least I hope so.  She hasn't always been  in that pen, so obviously she's been moved, although neither John or I can remember where she was before. 


ellie k said...

Do you have to go pick up the three donkeys? Your life seems so busy even with the extra help. Do you know if there is a donkey rescue near Tampa?

Tish said...

Yes we'll pick up the 3 donkeys south of Phoenix next Wed. Our life is busy, but we're certainly not bored. There is a satellite of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in central Florida.

Facility ID: FLCL

Facility Manager: Sandi White & Tom Doak

Clermont, FL

Phone 352-241-8112


Clermont can't be too far from Tampa, in that part of the state.

ellie k said...

Thanks, that is about 100 miles from here but all interstate. Hope the parade is going well. Or goes well if not started.

Tish said...

We're getting up at 4am tomorrow morning for an 11am start of the parade. We have to feed everyone before we go and give our 5 time to eat, so it's going to be a long day probably. I just hope everyone loads without a lot of "drama"........!!! LOL

ellie k said...

Good luck with it all.