Thursday, March 02, 2017


A couple of nights ago I was trolling thru Craigslist and saw an ad for a nice looking donkey up in the Phoenix area, 3 years old, athletic, gentle, no bite or kick.  Of course I shared this info with Lynn and Linda, since they have been looking for a brother or sister for Leddy, that would be a good racing partner for Lynn.  Linda has already spoken for Leddy as her racing buddy.  

To make a long story short, they went up yesterday to "look".  Of course they took their trailer, which means they brought Turbo home.  


He had only been trailered once before, so all this traveling to a new place with new people was different, but he seemed to handle it just fine.  He's really mellow and one of the first things Lynn and Linda noticed was how strong he is.  He's not full grown yet, but donkeys are about twice as strong as a comparable sized horse or pony.  He is a mammoth, close to 14 hands high and might grow a little more before he's 5 years old.  So he's probably about as strong as a 1500 pound horse.

The woman they bought him from, also has his mother, grandmother and they saw pictures of his daddy Diesel, and a video of Diesel barrel racing.  Well, barrel racing didn't really seem to be his style, it was at a show and the announcer kept talking about how tucked his tail was.  His heart didn't seem to be in it......!!! LOL  

YEA!  he made it out of the trailer.....!!



Don't know for sure but he looks like a perfect example of a Catalan donkey from Spain.  Our Jenny girl had the same look.  She is the only mammoth we've ever had, all of the others have been either minis or standards.

We'll keep him in the pens for a couple of days, until he gets comfortable with his new surroundings, before we let him out to roam and mingle with the herd.  Lynn is planning on getting right into race training.  The 1st race up in Colorado is the 25th of May I think, and they want to be ready, this will be the 1st race for all of them.  Lynn's also talked about renting a donkey for that race.  They actually have donkeys to rent that are old hands at racing for people that don't have a donkey of their own.  That might be a good idea, at least someone would know what was going on..........LOL

Just saw some pictures of Leddy and BlackJack's costumes for the St. Patrick's day parade in Tombstone, the 18th of March, they are really going to be spiffy looking.  Jeanne is doing a great job.  She's suppose to come out sometime next week, to do a fitting, looking forward to that. 


susan said...

What a handsome fellow! We have a neighbor who has two huge sorrel mules that are M
ammoth-Belgian crosses, and they are lovely.

Tish said...

He's really a laid back kind of guy, it will take some getting use to his size though. LOL It will be funny to see him out and about if the minis get close to him. They could go under his belly without touching him I think.

Steph Schmidt said...

He sure is a cutie pie! Talk about tall, dark and handsome! :)