Friday, March 17, 2017


Linda loves to dress up her "fur" kids.  Leddy has been around for a few months of holiday dress up, but this is Turbo's 1st time.  I wasn't here, I had gone to Tucson to pick up Doug.  He had neck surgery yesterday and they released him this morning.  He seems to be doing real good, so hopefully he won't have to have anymore surgery.

Just as I was leaving to head for Tucson, my Cousin Linda and her husband Alvin drove in the driveway.  They are RVing from Oklahoma and we knew they were coming today, just didn't know when.  I said Hi and Bye and knew they would be well taken care of until I got back.  Actually John was giving a tour when I left and I think Linda was feeding Lynn and John breakfast.  John is their friend from Colorado that came in last night and will be driving the golf cart in the parade tomorrow.  So they just joined in all that was going on and we had a good visit when I got back. 

When I got back they said I should have seen Turbo, strut and preen when she dressed him.  I guess he knew he was "purty"........!!!   LOL

We're as ready as we'll ever be for the parade tomorrow morning in Tombstone.  We decorated the golf cart tonight and will decorate donkeys when we get to Tombstone.  Linda washed Quilla today and he looks pretty white.  She also bathed Gus, he's not going to the parade, but unlike most donkeys he really likes to be bathed.  I think Claire bathed him enough he learned to enjoy it anytime Linda is bathing the dogs, like after a skunk spraying (there have been 2 so far), here comes Gus trying to get in on the bath.  

It's suppose to be in the 90's tomorrow, wish it was going to be a little cooler, but the parade should be over before it gets too hot.  Hopefully we'll get lots of pictures to share.

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