Sunday, March 19, 2017

WHAT A FUN DAY WE HAD.........!!!

The parade was a lot of fun, I think a good time was had by all, and the 5 "fur" kids were really good.  Well.......except for a slight faux pau by Quilla.  After the parade was over and we were walking back to the trailers, he decided to take off running.  Well, running would take a lot of effort, he was actually trotting, BUT, a trotting donkey is faster than most humans.  Lynn took that as a personal dare and gave chase.  Since he has done a lot of endurance running, Quilla had met his match,  and it didn't take long for them to return.....!!!  LOL

The night before we decorated the golf cart and loaded it in the front of one of the stock trailers, the 2 little minis rode in the back.  The 3 standards were in the other trailer.  Of course we had all the donkey decorations in both trucks.  Good thing we started at 4AM, the early start was so the 5 would have time to eat.  At 8AM we started loading donkeys and it really went well, except BlackJack for some reason was giving Leddy the evil eye, when he loaded.  I was in the trailer with them which was exciting, but BJ finally settled down and I could get out.  

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Doug took this as we were getting ready to leave.....left to right Lynn, John, Linda, Big John from Colorado, me and Georgette.  We met Dave and Leroy in Tombstone

I know it looks like we're all standing around doing nothing, but believe me everybody was busy.  Georgette's husband Dave and his friend Leroy even helped, which really made things go easier.  That was 2 extra set of hands, since our ratio was 1 person to 1 donkey.  It was chaotic and I was watching the time. We managed to get everyone "dressed" and got to our assigned spot on time....amazing.....!!!

John from Colorado drove the golf cart and threw candy to the kids

BlackJack, John and their little friend, we named him Paddy

Linda and Leddy waiting to start the parade

We even had our own photographer, the woman under the American flag is a friend Michelle.  She kept running ahead and taking pictures as we came by.  I think some of the  pictures were taken by Patti and Russ, not sure which ones maybe this one.  And some might have been take by others, thanks to everyone that shared their day and their pictures with us. 

Lynn and I "dancing" with Justin and Pepsi, they were good, BUT not perfect...!!

         Quilla and Georgette, ready to go

Got a picture of Dave, but haven't found one of Leroy yet.  He really liked the minis.

Afterwards with our plaque....!!


ellie k said...

Great pictures. It looked like a fun day and I am sure people enjoyed seeing them.

Tish said...

A lot of people took pictures and wanted their pictures taken with the donkeys, so I think they enjoyed the donkeys.