Thursday, March 23, 2017


This is left to right Shaggy Bill, Smokey Joe, and Don visiting with their neighbor, Frijolita.  John and I went up to Gilbert yesterday to pick these 3 up.  They have a wonderful mom and home, but there's some moving going on and they need a place to stay, while house is sold, and new house is built.  So they will be hanging out here for a few months.  They are all very mellow and love to be messed with.  We'll keep them in for a day or so, then turn them loose to explore.  They were on less than a half acre with a really nice mare motel, so I'm sure they will enjoy exploring, Longears Camp.  

Checking out the new "digs"



While we were being road warriors, things were staying busy at home.  Dr. Jeremy came out in the morning to check Justin and Cheyenne's mouths.  Justin was just fine at the parade and the next day was interested in eating, but not following thru.  

We watched him for a couple of days and called the vet.  According to Linda it was an interesting exam.  Justin did pretty good, he had a cracked tooth that Dr. Jeremy cleaned up and Justin was eating hay as soon as he got over the drugs..........LOL

I guess little itty bitty Cheyenne was another story.  She kicked Doug in the shin, Dr. Jeremy gave her as much drugs as a 1500 pound horse, she doesn't weigh much more than 200#, she is only 32 inches tall.  It's a donkey thing, they react to drugs different than horses and if they get their adrenalin up the fight is on.  

Dr. Jeremy said she might be even older than the 25 estimate we've gone by.  And her mouth is a mess.  She has 2 teeth in the back that aren't growing straight down, they are angling inward. He said that is probably the reason she doesn't move her jaw sideways.  He did what he could, but suggested taking her to Gilbert, so they can put her out, like they did Penny, lay her on her back and really get in her little mouth.  So that will be added to our schedule before Lynn and Linda head back to Colorado.  Having them here is such a help, otherwise we have to plan all trips with feeding schedules in mind.  They know the routine probably better than we do, so we can take off and know everything will go smoothly. 

After Dr. Jeremy left, Lynn and Linda took Colorado John up to Gammon's Gulch to take a tour. There were 6 others on the tour, that ended up coming over here for a tour of the donkeys afterwards.  They left a little before we drove in with the boys, so we unloaded them, ate pizza we picked up on the way home, fed the gang and pretty much called it a day.  Whew..............!!!   LOL

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