Monday, May 08, 2017


Linda called last night and brought us up to date on what they are up to.  I don't know when they have time to sleep, it sounds like they are keeping pretty busy.  

Still haven't heard anything on when the white truck will be fixed in New Mexico, but they have noticed that a lot of their possessions, are in not only that truck, but also in the RV that is parked down there.  So their choices are go out and buy a duplicate, if it's REALLY important or, drive 190 miles one way to N.M. to pick up the RV and bring it back to Colorado.  

She's worried that Saddik isn't eating enough.  He's never been a typical dog when he eats, you know, wolfing it down.  I guess one of the 1st things her mother-in-law said when he was eating was, "has he been an only dog?"  He certainly doesn't try to protect food like most dogs do.   And he's always been on the thin side, everyone thinks he probably has some Rhodesian Ridgeback in him and they are built for speed.  But it's always been a challenge to keep weight on him.  It might be the Valley Fever too, who knows.  

But the donkeys are doing great, I guess Boaz is the herd boss and Quilla as usual is at the bottom of the pecking order.  He is so gentle and mellow, I can't imagine him ever challenging anyone.  She sent a video of them running a "donkey derby" all over the pasture.  Unfortunately it's about twice as big as allowed on the blog, so I can't share it.  Trust me, they were all having a great time.  Although we have acreage, it's covered with trees and cactus, so they've never really had a wide open space to just run.  

Boaz with mountains behind him

She said their sores are healing up, no need for leggings or fly masks, which is great.  That's what the experiment of sending them up there was all about.  I told her we should have sent Coquette too, I had to start doctoring her this morning.  And she will have to body clipped again this year, her hair is so long and matted that skin problems can hide until they really get nasty. 

Leddy and Boaz sharing a drink I think

Lynn's brother leading Quilla when they got there, he still has leggings on


Turbo found a cabin Lynn's brother is building

YUM, YUM,  Linda said they are enjoying the pasture

Linda and her two boys, she said Boaz and Quilla want to go too, so they are trying to figure out how to take all four......!!!  Sounds like an adventure......!!!   LOL

When we went out Saturday afternoon to the races we noticed there was another fire west of where the fire last week was.  We could see quite a bit of smoke and when we came home after the races we could see flames up on the ridges.  Got home and there were two messages from Linda, that has 4 donkeys, one of them our Chester.  She was laying the groundwork, just in case.

It only took a day or two for them to get it under control, thank goodness.  But, 2 widows lost their homes and everything.  One of the houses had been built by the woman and her husband decades ago.  How sad, I think she's the one that lost both of her cats too.  

The races went pretty good, I finished 3rd in the heat race and 4th in the main.  There are 3 or 4 cars racing that have bigger motors and weigh less than my car, that are trading wins back and forth, but as long as I continue to finish 5th or better, I can't complain and will probably finish good for end of the year if I don't have "problems"....!!!   LOL 

Haven't heard anything else from the dirt track, so we aren't getting too excited yet.  Although John did buy some red and yellow paint to mix together to make orange for the numbers on the top.  You can't buy small cans of orange paint for some reason.  Lynn had to do the same thing with his numbers.  Oh! well we won't be able to complain about it being too red or too yellow, if we mix it ourselves I guess.  

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