Saturday, May 27, 2017

WE HAVE A WORKING WELL...........!!!!

The pump setting guys came, set the pump at 360 feet, put in the pump saver and it started doing it's thing.  Our 2000 gallon tank has been full every since.......!!!   YIPPEE......of course we haven't got the bill yet........!!!   LOL

John and Doug have been busy, cleaning up clay.  John is using the tractor and Doug is raking into piles, so John can scoop it up with the front bucket.  It's looking pretty good now.  Gus even has his special spot back to lay down.  

Although it looks good now, I have a feeling the 1st time it rains, the clay will become a problem again.

Vic, the neighbor that has been fostering Casper, the little white mini mule, or as we lovingly refer to him Blanco Diablo (white devil) said Casper had been "hanging out" more than normal, in other words he was letting his "boy" parts hang out...... a lot......!!!  LOL  So I made an appointment for Dr. Jeremy to come out and check him.  

Dr. Jeremy headed off for reinforcement "drugs"........LOL

Casper has a lot of moxy and really isn't a people mule.  He likes kids well enough and little ones can ride him, but he seems to think a relationship with adults, basically is an ongoing challenge to see who is the smartest.  So far I think he is leading in that area.  

Anyway Vic walked him down here and told us, Casper was really interested in coming here, as opposed to the times he almost has to drag him home.  Casper is by himself since they got rid of the goats.  And his absolute hatred of horses and mules doesn't make him easy to rehome.....LOL  He's always gotten along with the donkeys, which makes John think he might be a hinny.  The reason Vic has been fostering him is we only have 4 strand barbed wire, and the little monster was camo crawling underneath it to go out an explore.  He never went far, and if you caught him, he'd skuttle back under the fence, stand up and look at you like basically, "go to hell".......!!!  Like I said he's a lot of fun, if you like a problem child.  

I warned Dr. Jeremy that Casper isn't easy to work with, and almost got his head kicked off, Casper didn't appreciate the attention I guess.  A small soft bean probably wasn't causing him a problem.  So the consensus is when our girls cycle he wants to join the fun, since he shares a fence with Burroland.  Dr. Jeremy had to take off for a rattlesnake bite emergency, really glad that wasn't what he was here for.   

If Casper will behave himself and stay home, we're giving him a 2nd chance at staying here with the donkeys.  Although he tricked John out of 3 carrots this morning when John was putting him in his pen for breakfast.  John went in the pen, turned around gave Casper a piece of carrot for being a good boy and coming in the pen.  Casper took the carrot, whirled around and went out, probably watching John as he chewed.  So John went out to encourage him back into the pen, and this time decided to go farther into the pen, give Casper the carrot, walk past him out the gate.  Not the way Casper saw this relationship.  He walked to John, took the carrot and ran out the gate, stood there, watching John as he chewed. John said as soon as he started to move towards the gate Casper sprinted to the gate.  I missed all this interaction and only got the story from John's point of view.......LOL  Third time is a charm, right?  John went out of the pen gathered up his little "friend" they walked into the back of the pen, John offered the carrot, Casper took it, John moved, Casper ran............and Doug just happened to be coming by from putting others in their pens and shut the gate.  BUSTED........!!! 

I would imagine he's already decided on his plan of attack for tonight............Casper not John.......!!  LOL   

We'll be rounding up a little early, the dirt track is suppose to race tonight.  They actually posted a picture of the track being worked on facebook, so we'll go see what's happening.  I sure hope they can make a go of it this year, although they are starting out pretty slow.  

Today is Lynn and Linda's first race in Colorado with the donkeys.  And this is what they were driving in this morning to get to where the race is.  

Yesterday's forecast was 100% chance of rain..............this doesn't look like rain to me.....!!  I hope they dress warm.  Turbo is an Arizona donkey, this might not be his idea of fun....!!!  

Linda sent some pictures of a practice run they did yesterday, six miles......!!!   I'm so glad they enjoy running and send pictures, that works for me....!!!   I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do, most of them have me riding, not walking and seriously not running........!!!  LOL

Some rather rough trails I guess


Turbo enjoying a snack

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