Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The well is down to 500 feet and still drilling.......!!!!   We were really hoping they would punch thru the clay by now, but guess not.......!!  Close neighbors are at around 480-510, so hopefully we aren't in a different strata.  

The drillers had a good day yesterday, but using compressed air instead of water to drill makes even a bigger mess.  The air comes out under high pressure and sprays clay and gravel everywhere.  They brought 6 bales of straw to protect the corral panels in the direct line of fire.  

Yesterday was a good day for drilling, they drilled all day, which is why they are down to 500 feet.  When I say mess I mean mess, it's like the pictures you see in WWI, where bombs have gone off, in mud and sprayed it everywhere.  

Poor mesquite tree covered in mud

When they left last night this is what the mud flow in front of the feed room looked like.  On the left you can just barely see the edge of the straw bales the drillers brought out to protect the corral panels from the high pressure air coming out along with the mud
 This morning the smooth muddy area had been reworked, during the night.  

The ends of these muddy bales of hay is what the donkeys are after

And we have evidence of who the culprits were

Actually I think it was everyone except Penny, this is just BlackJack and Cisco, but believe me there were plenty of others......!!   LOL  They all also have muddy mustaches again, only this time mixed in with pieces of straw.

If we had tried to walk them thru that slimy slick clay we would have had a fight on our hands.  But since it was "their" idea...... "let's go see if we can get to that hay" seemed to be the rallying cry.....!! 

Just one of the reasons we're never bored.......!!!

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