Monday, May 22, 2017


The well drillers showed up early for them this morning and got busy.  They had to run 280 feet of drilling pipe down before they could start to drill.  They are using compressed air now instead of water.  They've already had to climb to the top of the rig to fix something, BUT they have gotten down about 30 feet, so far.  I know nothing about it, except that it is really noisy.  Haven't seen a donkey since they started drilling.  

Gus tried to go to his favorite resting spot, but the noise got to him and he went down below the house.  John has been sitting out there on the golf cart, in case any nosy donkey comes by and just has to see what's going on.  The compressed air when it comes out is under a lot of pressure and it would be dangerous if a donkey happened to be in the path.  

They brought 6 bales of straw, to protect the corral panels on our overflow pen, that is in the direct line of fire.  They said one time they did a well and a corral was in the way and it just about destroyed the pipe.  The straw seems to be working, guess we'll find out when all the muddy clay over spray is gone off the panels.  

We've got our fingers crossed for getting done this week.  Of course this week is suppose to start the triple digits summer temperatures.  I guess the guys are use to working in the heat, but it would certainly be a lot more comfortable if it was cooler.  

A couple of days ago, John came in and said come out, he had something to show me.  The rear fenders for my new toy, had come earlier and he had been busy up in the garage putting them on.  

That was a surprise, he had said he was going to paint it orange, so it would match the race car, but I didn't know that was what he was doing.   It's pretty neat when after all these years he can still surprise me.....!!!  LOL  Went out today to get the mail and it really is a lot of fun to ride, although I won't be putting it thru it paces like the kids did I'm sure. 

I would imagine the seat wasn't in good shape, so the people had recovered it!!!  UGH  Doesn't exactly match our color scheme, but it's in good shape, so I'll live with it.  Next time we go to the track, John will put it in the back of the pick-up and I can make people run in the pits.   I need an air horn........!!!   LOL

The dirt track, actually raced Saturday night.  Didn't have a lot of cars from what we heard, but then again, there hasn't been a lot of build up hype.  Our grandson said they even had fannies in the bleachers, which is a surprise.  They are suppose to race again this week-end, so we'll go over and be nosy.  We drove over there after the asphalt track got done, hoping they were still racing.  Found our grandson, unfortunately he didn't get the Super Stock ready.  Don't know what he's been doing all these months, but obviously not getting the car ready..........GRRRR....!!

We had 3 cars on the asphalt, all came home in one piece and Larry did real good in his ProStock, even moved up a couple of positions in points.  Rod our son, in his modified did better than he has lately, he's having a heck of a time getting the car dialed in.  Our Late Model was driven by the guy that won the Hornet Championship last year.  He and Rod have been working on a Pro Truck and Rod asked him to drive it.  He did really good for never being in the car before, qualified 6 fastest.  He'll probably drive it the rest of the season, our grandson doesn't like the asphalt, and Rod doesn't want to drive 2 cars a race night.  Before Rob said yes, John and Rod were trying to talk me into driving the late model.  Rod would have had to completely redo the cockpit and pedals, I'm so little compared to all the guys.  And I didn't want to anyway, I keep telling them I'm perfectly happy with my little Hornet.......!!  I don't race asphalt again until the 1st of July..........YIKES......I'll forget what I'm suppose to do by then.  But the Hornets are suppose to race on the dirt June 10th.  There's a practice on the asphalt the 1st week-end in June and we're going to take the dirt car to that.  I've never driven it since John built it, except around the driveway.  I'd like to put it thru it's paces to make sure something important doesn't fall off or blow up, before racing it.......!!!!  If it has to be on asphalt, so be it.

I managed to get Coquette body clipped Saturday morning after Tyler left.  She has real fine, long hair, she is probably part French Poitou, the dreadlock donkey.

This is a picture late 19th early 20th century of a purebred Poitou.  I can't imagine how heavy all that hair is.  There are only about 800 purebreds in the world today. 

 It wouldn't be a problem, but that hair, clings and mats and causes her skin condition to be worse in the heat.  If Quilla hadn't have gone to Colorado, he would have to be clipped also because his Cushings causes his hair to be long and not shed.

She has never been a fan of being clipped.  But she was particularly obnoxious this time.  I wrestled with her for awhile and finally put her in the stocks.  I was wore out by then and tired of her giving warning kicks to let me know how much she didn't want to be there.  John took pity on me and finished her thank goodness.  We weren't going to be friends when it was over the way things were going.....!!!  LOL

More of Linda's pictures.  Quilla is a subtle beggar, he stands, stares and puts his ears back.  Boaz isn't subtle, he just pulls out all the stops and goes for it.

Those white specks on Boaz are snowflakes.  Linda also sent a picture of Quilla, I assume there were snowflakes on him too, but you couldn't see them....!!! 


ellie k said...

It looks like an unusual bit in the Poitous mouth.

Tish said...

I would imagine it is some sort of stud chain. He's big enough to be really strong. Looks rather nasty doesn't it?