Sunday, May 14, 2017


Well it's not new, there is no way I would buy a new quad, let somebody else lose all that investment....!!! LOL 

I've been looking on Craigslist every day, start my morning out to see what new had been added.  Most of them were bigger than I wanted to wrestle, or were brand new ones for $800 and they'd throw in a helmet for free.............Of course I couldn't pronounce the names of them.  I guess they are throw aways to get for the kids and if they destroy it, at that price you just go get another one.  

We decided it had to be a Honda, Polaris, or Suzuki, 250cc or smaller and had to have automatic shift.  One of my big wrestling problems with the BearCat years ago was trying to shift it, with the top of my foot.  Most of the ones for sale were bigger, but a few days ago, there was a Suzuki 230 for sale in Sierra Vista, at the price I was willing to pay.

Yesterday we were going down to Sunsites to a car show to "root" for Larry and his ProStock camaro that he races out at Tucson Speedway and Sierra Vista is on the way, if you don't mind taking the long route.

So John hooked  up the trailer, we plan on putting it in the bed of the pick-up when we go to the races, BUT, John didn't want to tackle that project first thing, so trailer it is.

We met behind Walmart in a dirt trail area and checked it out.  It's an older one, which means it's probably tougher than the new ones.  I know the young boy that's been riding it put it thru it paces throwing dirt everywhere........!!!   LOL  Starts good, seems to run good, it isn't a honest to goodness automatic, BUT, it has no clutch and will take off in 2nd gear, so we decided it would do what we want it to do.

I've had it out running the trails on the property that Lynn made before he left.  It seems easy to operate and fun to drive, so I guess it's a keeper.

You might notice it doesn't have a fender on the rear.  It's been a play toy for a couple of pre-teens, and I would imagine they put it thru it's paces when they got the chance.  I've already found replacement fenders for it online. they are white.  John will paint the front of it orange and it will match the race cars.......LOL  We wanted to use it around here, but we also want to take it to the race track to use in the pits.  I'm tired of all that walking and I noticed John didn't say no when the subject was brought up.

After we loaded it up we headed for the car show and got there just as they were getting ready to give out the awards.  Larry won for best 1970-1979 modified car and he had some pretty stiff competition.

Larry will be racing next week-end and Rod, our son will be racing his modified on the 3/8's mile asphalt.  They are also running the late models, and it is really hard to race in 2 divisions on the same night.  Rod talked about it and changed his mind.  So a friend is going to race the late model for us.  He was the Hornet champion last year and is a road racer, so he should do good.

The dirt track was suppose to race last night, they weren't racing hornets, but John and I were going to go just to be nosy.  Friday they put out the word that the races were cancelled because of well pump failure and they had no way to water the track.  I don't know if it's bad luck or incompetence, but either way, I don't have much hope, they will be able to get a program going this year.  John built me a dirt car, it's ready to go, just no place to race it......!!!

It's finally warming up now, so I'll probably body clip Coquette in the next couple of days.  Hopefully her skin problems won't get a chance to erupt if I get the hair off her.  This is the 1st year I've managed to keep Rosie's belly from breaking out and oozing serum, not mention swelling up.  I'm putting Cosequin10 on her belly twice a day.  It's working pretty well, as long as I do it twice a day.  If I forget, the next time it's open and dripping serum.  The vets always tell me it is fly caused, BUT, between the fly traps and the fly predators, we actually don't have that many flies.  Also I don't see flies hanging around her.  I think it is heat induced, maybe not sun like Quilla's legs, but just the rise in temperatures.  So far Boaz and Quilla are staying sore free in Colorado...........!!! 

Friolita's string halt, seems to be improving.  She's still jerking one hind leg, but she is comfortable to walk on it, which she wasn't a couple of days ago.   Patti, who knows all about equine nutrition said to up her vitamin E and Magnesium Oxide, which I did.  Maybe that helped, because she is improving. 

This is pictures Linda took of the "girls" before she left.  She sent it to me for Mother's Day.  Even got Reba the mule in it. 


Steph Schmidt said...

Love the picture of the girls and adore the headbands.

Tish said...

It looks like they all posed for Linda, I'm really surprised Penny in the 1st picture would stand still to have something put on her head and then wait for Linda to take the picture. She's usually very suspicious of all the things people like to do with donkeys.........LOL