Wednesday, May 24, 2017

605 FEET


Well it could have been deeper I guess, so no complaints because they finally hit water.  John and I went to Benson yesterday and before we left we heard a change in the noise the drilling was making.  Looked out and a 6 inch pipe was pushing out dirty water at a high rate of speed complete with some granite rocks.  It was shooting about 100 feet, which unfortunately was going into a lot of the pens.  And of course wetting down all that gooey clay that was on the ground everywhere.  

They had been talking to one of the local well drillers that is retired, but had put in a lot of deep wells in this area over the years.  He told them when they finally got thru the clay it would be like tapping into an ocean and that sounds like what they hit.  They ran it till it cleared, which was a couple of hours.   Today they are out picking up all their toys and are suppose to come back tomorrow and set the pump.  Once that's done, we should be in good shape and hopefully never have to worry about water again. 

You can't imagine the torturous path both people and donkeys are having to take to get to the pens and the feed room.  The clay when you do goof up, gets on your shoes and doesn't come off.  If it dries it's even worse.  I've got my usual work shoes on the courtyard, my plan was when it dried, bang the shoes together and watch the clay fall off.  Banging them together doesn't even faze the clay.  Not sure what plan B is...........LOL

The donkeys have been real good at acceptance, as long as they can figure out how to get to their pen.  If it's thru another pen, they don't usually go in, that's OK.  Donkeys are very good at concentrating on the goal, even though they usually lock into "but I always go this way, why do I have to go "that" way?  But in this case they have evaluated the situation and decided it is in their best interest to go "that" way.  

John is out there this morning with the tractor, scraping up clay.  If he can get it picked up, maybe we can get back to some semblance of normalcy around here.  I have a feeling even with the passage of time, and washing walls and corral panels, etc we will be finding clay spray for years......!!!  LOL

John just came in and said the drillers checked the recharge on yesterday's water strike.  The recharge is within 100 feet of the top.  So the 6 inch well casing has 500 feet of water in it.  Should be a good well with plenty of water.   Yippee............!!!  Just wish we didn't have to pay for it.....LOL


ellie k said...

Sounds like you hit a good water source, happy to hear that. Hauling water is no fun and for all those four legged guys is even worse.

Tish said...

I have to admire the settlers out here in the old days with their animals. If they couldn't find a reliable water source like a spring, finding a year round creek probably wasn't going to happen. There use to be a river thru Tucson, but overuse dried that up. Our surface well was 120 feet, which wouldn't be a dig with a shovel. Tough people......!!!