Wednesday, May 03, 2017


It was a nice thought, but not meant to be I guess. The overnight stop went pretty good from what Linda said.  Well except for Leddy not wanting to get back in the trailer after his exercise surprise.......!!!  Didn't get the details on how they finally got him in. 

 Donkeys are "magnets" when you stop for gas


 Boaz and Quilla out for a walk at the rest stop

Who knew you could tie 4 dogs to one post......!!!  LOL

Next  info I get is around noon on day 2.  There is a picture of a bloody rag, the white truck up on a roll back and vehicles parked beside a highway..............NO MESSAGE..........!!!  Yikes......!!!  Didn't even say who's blood it was........!!!

Linda had Saddik on a lead at 6am and he tried to run to Lynn and she hit the ground.  Throbbing toe and skinned elbow.  She's use to well behaved dogs, not a "wild child"

Not good, they had the tranny replaced a few months ago............It's under warranty...........Yea!

A nice man that lived in the area let them park the RV on his place till they come back to pick up the truck

So they left the RV, left the truck at a shop and headed on to Colorado, with a stock trailer, 4 donkeys, a pick up, with 4 not small dogs, and 2 people, one skinned up.......!!!  LOL  Guess the last leg was uneventful, although crowded, they had been traveling with 2 dogs per truck. But they made it......!!

57 degrees, don't need fly masks

Don't know where Lynn and Linda will be sleeping, space seems to be at a premium

Leddy helping Boaz beg for treats

Turbo meeting Starter, looks like Turbo's bigger

Treats and meds, important things in life

I guess Saddik is making himself at home


ellie k said...

The donkeys will probably have some grass soon, the cooler weather and some one with a brush and treats, what a life.

Tish said...

The pasture is not really grass, it's small brushy stuff. Linda worried that it wouldn't be enough. But like I told her Leddy looked chubby when they brought him down here and she said he wasn't hardly eating any hay. I doubt that any of them will eat hay, they'd rather eat the brushy stuff.

ellie k said...

The four of them will be able to clean the brush out maybe.

Tish said...

I'm sure they will...!!