Sunday, May 28, 2017


Here is a video some woman along the route took of the race yesterday.  It was Lynn and Linda's first race, not to mention also first race for Turbo and Leddy.  Linda said they really had a great time, met lots of nice people and can't wait for their next race in a couple of weeks.

Linda asked if we could find them.  Towards the end of the video, Lynn in blue and orange, comes by with Turbo and the woman comments on how gorgeous Turbo is.  John and I are arguing on if we saw Linda and Leddy or not, he says he did and I don't think so.  

This woman seemed to be having as much fun as anyone else and she didn't even know such a thing existed, just stopped and did a video and shared it on the internet.  

Linda sent a nice long e-mail to share all the fun and adventure with us.  It did sound like a lot of fun.......well except for that running part......!!!   LOL

We went out to the dirt track last night to see how the program was going.  I have to admit we were pleasantly surprised.  There has been so much controversy, change in people running it, cancelled races, well pump broke, no liquor license for beer.  To a lot of people beer and racing go together always.  

Still no beer, but there had been a lot of work done and it showed.  Need to work on the food and drink concession a lot.  We specifically didn't eat before going out there.  We usually don't eat at the track, but figured we should support them.  Bad decision.  They had the usual race track food, drinks in cans, no ice, which is all things you can live with.  BUT there was only 3 or 4 people trying to feed a whole bunch of other people that had decided to eat at the track also.  And they had not planned ahead enough to take care of a line of 20 people or more.  But that's something that can get better, if they know what they are doing.  

The big complaint from the last race they had was the condition of the racing surface.  The track surface was really good last night.  No rocks and enough clay on the surface with moisture to last all night.  And they had enough cars in 4 different divisions to put on a pretty good show.  I sure hope so, there's a lot of dirt racing people that are wanting them to succeed, one of them is me...!!  LOL

Casper is still being a brat about going in his pen.  Now he's gotten Don Juan and Shaggy Bill to join in his rebellion.  They stand down by Tula's pen and watch the round up.  After everybody else is in it's time to get at least Don and Bill in their pen.  I don't worry about Casper, he'll go in once his feed is put down.  He is chubby enough he could miss a meal or two, if he really wants to make his point.  But so far that hasn't happened.  But we can't have 3 of them running around open pens with food available.  They don't pay any attention to John and Doug, I guess they aren't in charge, by equine standards.  So far I've been able to insist, and they have given up. 


ellie k said...

Another blog I read had a video of the race, I will have to look it up and send you the name.

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