Thursday, June 01, 2017


The well people came out, and destroyed our old well as per state law.  They pulled the pump, filled the pipe up with gravel, and capped it off with a lot of concrete.  The state says we can have one well, but we can't have two.  John's got all the paperwork filled out to send in, we picked up testing material in Tucson yesterday, so now all we are missing is the final bill.....!!!  Ha!  Not looking forward to that, but it sure is nice to have water and not have to worry about it.  

Haven't heard from Linda in a couple of days, I'm sure by now Lynn is cutting firewood to sell and mowing yards.  He has a whole group of homes in a retirement area that were calling him while they were still down here to make sure he was going to take care of their yards again this summer.  Hopefully they'll have time to play going out to run with the dogs and donkeys too.  

Everybody getting lined up and ready to go

Linda and Leddy having a pep talk before the start

Great picture of Leddy, I assume this was during the race, Linda didn't say.  Those white specks are SNOW....!!  UGH..!!

Everything is going pretty good here, I've started covering up legs with crew socks, to thwart the stable flies.  They had started chewing on the hair, once that's gone they can get to the good stuff.  Cisco has his annual ear infection.  I'm not sure if it is an infection or what, his ears itch and he will find a limb the right height, run it down his ear and scratch away.  You can imagine what that does to the inside of his ear.  This year I caught it early and after 3 days of putting stuff down his ear, the black gooey gunk is drying up.  He doesn't mind making his ear bloody with a limb, but sees me coming with the ear stuff and tried to escape, so John has to hold him.  Usually I can do anything with Cisco, but not his ears.........LOL

This is a picture Linda took of Cisco before she left.  I didn't realize how white his face was getting.

Just got a call from Vic the neighbor that had been fostering Casper the little  mule to see how he was getting along.  I must say, I'm impressed, with the little devil.  He's hanging with the herd, hasn't shown any inclination to go under the fence and is even going into his pen at feeding time without a lot of drama.  The first few days there was a LOT of drama....!!!  LOL  He seems to have settled in nicely, so I told Vic I think he's lost his mule.  Unless we get in a horse or another mule and he tries to attack them.  We might get in a little mini mare horse, who knows maybe he'll fall in love and forget about fighting......!!!

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