Sunday, June 11, 2017


This is what some of the people in Cochise county are seeing from their homes. Scary stuff, I guess it made a turn yesterday afternoon and was headed for the little settlement of Dragoon, haven't heard an update, although we did hear they were evacuating that area.

Today is going to be another windy day, which they really don't need.  Besides helping the fire to move along, it interferes with the slurry planes and helicopters being able to fly.  I read this morning that it is about 14 miles from Tombstone, whatever that means.  

I have a bone to pick with the coverage of this fire and also the one earlier in the spring.  For one thing with so many people's lives being disrupted, is it too much to ask for official updates at least every 12 hours?  Let's see, 14 miles from Tombstone, north, east, south or west, moving in which direction, information that might be helpful.  I'm sure the people in Tombstone are aware of where and which direction, but it just seems like sloppy journalism to not give specifics to a story.  

Mel and Apache seem to be doing just fine, and Casper isn't really hanging around the pens, after the 1st day or so.  He's back to hanging with the donkeys.  Wonder what he would do if they were out of the pens?  I'm not curious enough to find out............LOL  

We do have a slight problem, I hope is over quickly.  We had our new well water tested and the test for e-coli came back negative, but coliform was positive.  For those of you like me, that don't have a clue, that is a basic catch all name for bacteria.  Can be a lot of reasons, external bacteria when taking the water sample, for one.  I'm pretty sure that water from 605 feet is probably less apt to have bacteria than the surface water we've been using for years.  So what do you do for this problem? 

Our son is a state certified water person, so we called him and he said to put 1tsp Clorox per gallon in the holding tank.  Doesn't sound like much does it?  Well, it's cleaning all the gunk out of the existing pipes, which makes for interesting water color, rather rusty brown.  And even that little bit has a chlorine smell.............which the equine don't appreciate.  They are drinking, but they go around checking all the water sources before they finally drink.   I washed clothes yesterday to try to use it up, as soon as possible...........LOL  But it will take awhile to use up 2000 gallons I'm afraid.  Not sure I wouldn't rather have the bacteria. We'll wait a month or so and test it again, hopefully it will be good and we won't have to do this again.  We haven't gotten all the other test results back yet, I guess the local water testing place sends it out.  They test for about 50 things, I'm sure it will be very informative, hopefully I can understand it.  

Next Saturday is our 56th wedding anniversay, what to do to celebrate.....???  We're going racing.........LOL  It's been about 6 weeks since my last race, and there's nothing we'd rather be doing.  John's got the car ready to go and this will be the 1st time we've taken the quad into the pits, so we don't have to walk so much.  I'm still in 1st place for the Hornet Division, but probably won't be after that race night.  There's 2 guys right behind me in points that a couple of bad races early in the season, but have been doing really good since.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 

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