Friday, June 09, 2017


According to the reports there are 15 files burning in Arizona right now, and 4 in New Mexico.  There was quite a bit of lightening a couple of days ago, and it's been awhile since we've had any rain, except for a couple of drops.  

One area fire is behind the Little Rincon mountains between us and Tucson to our west.  There is also one in the Dragoon area about 12-15 miles south of I-10.  That area is under pre-evacuation orders and we just got a call from a friend with 2 horses that is in the line of fire.  John and Doug are out fixing pens, so when Krista gets here with her horses, the pens will be ready for them.  She's under pre-evacuate orders, which if you have yourself to get out it's OK to wait until the last minute.  But not if you have animals. We heard of someone else that left their horses overnight while they went to a motel and the firemen are caring for the horses.  I'm sorry, but that is sad.

Having to do some pen shifting, I think Frijolita is the only one getting moved, so the 2 horses can share a fence.  There is one "slight" problem to think about, Casper, the little mini mule........!!!!   His history with horses isn't good, which is why we ended up with him.  He gets along just fine with donkeys, even tries to "blend" in with the herd with his little short ears.  He's been up here a couple of weeks and hasn't offered to crawl under the fence, so maybe he's mellowing, hopefully.....!!!! LOL  I think both of her horses are mares, which was one of the things we had wanted to try, to see if he gets along OK with mares and just has a problem with geldings.  

If he still wants to be a little monster, we have 2 options, he can either go back over to Vic's for a few days........or............ he can go in the dog pen.....!!!  LOL  It's empty and would be a good place to keep him corralled if necessary.  Although he's only about as tall as Saddik is, I don't think he's little enough to get thru the doggie door into the feed room, at least I hope not, that would certainly be a surprise to walk in and have a mule in the feed room...........LOL

Lynn and Linda will be in their 2nd burro pack race, with Turbo and Leddy this week-end, I'm sure they are excited and will have a better idea this time of how it works.

I got a call from Bronco Billy, I think his name is in Tombstone.  He is one of the parade coordinators, it seems like Tombstone has quite a few parades every year.  The 24th of June they are having a salute to the Buffalo Soldiers, that were stationed at Ft. Huachuca in the 1880's and invited us to participate.  WHERE'S LINDA WHEN YOU NEED HER.........LOL  I e-mailed her with a help request.  She wants me to get a period costume, but I keep thinking how hot it's going to be, parade starts at 11am......!!!  John, bless his heart is ready to dress up in his miner "duds" with his old friend BlackJack as his loyal miner donkey, guess it doesn't matter how hot it is.

But who am I going to lead?  We'll put one of the blankets with Forever Home Donkey Rescue on it on my victim. So far I'm thinking about either Frijolita or Buddy Brat.  Neither of them have been off the property for awhile, so they might enjoy the long as they didn't enjoy it too much and decide to take off, like Quilla did, Lynn isn't here to run down a wayward donkey...!!

So it will be a simple parade "unit".  Me and my victim,  John and BlackJack and we'll do our thing.  Unless anyone in the neighborhood, would like to join us.......!!!!

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