Friday, June 09, 2017

WE HAVE GUESTS........!!!

This is Apache and Mel, Christa's girls.  She brought them while I was in Benson this afternoon.  By the time I got home, they were in their pens and snacking on hay.

Haven't heard much updates this afternoon on whether it's getting better or worse, maybe they will have more information on the news tonight.  Did read the Lizard fire is about double what it was yesterday, which isn't good.  

The Benson school is going to be open if people need a place to stay and the local auction barn is open to take animals in if necessary,so the community is stepping up to the plate if needed.

I guess Casper the little problem child is smitten with Apache.  John said he checked them out, rubbed noses and didn't behave like he usually does around geldings.  When I got home he was off someplace else, but has passed thru a couple of times to look them over again.

So they are safe and we will keep them until the fire fighters drop the pre-evacuation orders.  When I was in town there were quite a few stock trailers on the road, one was "stuffed" with cattle.

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