Monday, June 26, 2017


The temperature is down a few degrees, but the humidity is rising, so it's still miserable.  LOL  Everybody is in "it's too hot to do anything" mode and probably will be for the foreseeable future.  I know I am..........!!!  

John spends almost all day outside or in the garage.  I don't know how he does it, he keeps saying he's working on my race car.  But it's ready to head for the track Saturday night, so I don't know what he's doing.  He has been trying to figure out why it jumps out of gear sometimes.  It cost me a win and has allowed other cars to pass me, some of which I managed to pass back, some I didn't........!!!  We got the shifter at a junkyard, it's probably worn.  So the next thing to find is another shifter I guess.

Heard from Linda in Colorado again.  They found a 5k race close to home for people with a parade afterwards.  They asked if they could race donkeys and I guess the people in charge were enthralled with the idea.  Lynn was a little disappointed he wanted to run with Saddik, because Saddik loves to run, and Turbo hasn't gotten the idea yet, that racing is racing, not mosying.......!!!

Lynn said Turbo did real good for a couple of miles and then wasn't interested in trotting anymore.  A man they had met at an auction was there with his donkey Taz and Linda said Taz was more than willing to trot.

Where's the starting line? 

 After the race, they had a parade, so the boys got "dressed" in their mining "clothes" for the show.

Leddy's ready to go

WOW. must be time for breakfast........!!!

After the parade, time to mingling with their adoring public

Donkeys and children are a perfect match

This was Taz's 1st adventure into racing and parades and he seems to enjoy all the hoopla.....!!!

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