Thursday, June 15, 2017


Krista called this afternoon and although the pre-evacuation hasn't officially been lifted, the fire has disappeared over the Dragoon mountains to the east.  So unless something really strange occurs, like the fire to do a 180 and come back thru burned areas, it should be over on this side of the mountains.  

It was kinda fun having horses around.  It makes you realize just how different horse and donkey behavior is.  So many people think of donkeys as little horses, and nothing could be further from the truth.  

Doug and John are still filling water buckets by hand twice a day.  The Clorox smell is almost gone from the water coming from the storage tank, but it is still foaming straight out of the faucet.  So they will continue doing it this way for a few days, just to make sure, the donkeys find it drinkable.  

The temperature is rising daily, this week-end is suppose to be 109-114* and they are saying it might get to 122* in Phoenix.  I guess the high temperature is necessary for us to have a chance at a decent monsoon season, but it sure makes being outside miserable.

When it's hot like this the donkeys don't move around much.  Of course they insist on going out of their pens, you'd think their pens were the most miserable place on the planet once they finish eating.  But they usually find a nice shady tree and stand in the shade until it's time to go back in the pens to eat again.  They do move around a little more at night after John lets them out at bedtime.

Heard from Lynn and Linda about the race at Creede, Colorado last week-end.  Leddy and Linda finished ahead of Lynn and Turbo.  Turbo decided racing 10 miles wasn't what he had planned for the day, and it sounded like Lynn was determined enough to finish, even if he had to carry Turbo.....LOL  But they had fun anyway from what Linda said, although I'm sure Lynn was disappointed.

Looks like Turbo and Leddy were planning the race

This must have been before Turbo decided to take his time.......LOL
Linda and Leddy ready to race.......!!!

This week-end they will be racing in a people race that also lets dogs run.  Linda will be running with Lennon, and Lynn will be running with Saddik.  This will be Saddik's 1st chance to show what he can do.  He loves to run, so I don't think Lynn will have a problem with him.