Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Like all things, it could have been worse, but it was bad enough........LOL  I'm just glad we have a good well, and won't have to worry about it in the future.  At least I hope not.  

John and Doug are still toting water to fill the buckets for all the equine.  By the time they get it down to a science, the fire will hopefully be over.  Last I heard I think they said 62% contained and today is calm, so hopefully they can get it out and people can go back to their lives.  

We know we always have skunks and raccoons in the area.  John puts out dry cat food for Julius, the indoor/outdoor cat and the critters check it out every night.  We had some eggs that had gotten forgotten in the frig, for some reason.  I put them in water and they almost jumped over the side.  So I broke one just for fun, and it was pretty dried up.  We had 7, so John decided to put 3 out after dark to see what would happen.  The 1st night, they ate one, left one and took one with them.  I think there must have only been one, unknown type of critter.  Last night he put out 3, they ate one and the other 2 were missing.  I guess the first one told a friend, I don't think a skunk or raccoon could carry off 2 eggs.  Tonight will be the last two eggs, if there is two critters, I bet they will carry them off, rather than eat them here.  It's always fun to try to figure out what they will do.

The horses have settled into our routine and seem to be fine, except when Casper comes to visit with his girlfriend Apache.  That sends Mel into hypermode, which triggers him into murder mode.  I swear, it's a good thing he isn't 1000 pounds, he'd really be a problem.  He's also quick as greased lightening.  You can run him off pretty easy and Mel quits as soon as he is away from the pen.  I think Apache rolls her eyes, and thinks, "whatever", she is really mellow, thank goodness..........LOL

Isn't he cute?   LOL

Yesterday our neighbor came over to help John put the roof back on the well house.  That's her standing by the gravel pile.  If you look closely you will see her Gator behind the gravel on the left and one of her dogs is in it.  That is the reason for the herd gathering, they'd like to stomp the dog.  The dog is a working cattle dog, and wasn't about to take any nonsense from this rag tag bunch of equine.  There's actually two dogs in the Gator, so he had backup.

 The closer they got the more he barked and the more he barked the closer they got.  When they got closer than he thought they should, he would try to bite their noses and would have if they had misjudged their distance. 

They finally had enough, and started to wonder off.  You'll notice a little white butt, on the right in the middle, that is Casper, right in the thick of things.........!!!

They do the same thing when people come out for a tour and have their dog or dogs in the car.  They will completely surround the car which really  upsets city dogs that have no idea what they are and why there are so many of them........!!!  Jorgia's dog wasn't upset, he was ready to rumble if they were..........LOL 

It's suppose to be around 110* in Tucson Saturday, hopefully when the sun goes down it will cool off.  This morning it was so cool when I got up, I put on long sleeves for about half an hour.  I'm wishing for that kind of night Saturday..........!!!!!

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