Tuesday, June 06, 2017

STILL NO BILL..........lol

I really pretty sure it is on it's way, but we're enjoying the abundant water for free...........so far......!!!  It takes so little to amuse me sometimes......!!! 

It's really warmed up the last week or so and we're going into June really hot and dry, humidity about 5%.  Although 2 of my worst skin problems went to Colorado with Lynn and Linda, I've still got 4 here that take daily care.  Yesterday I noticed even though Coquette has had stockings on her legs, her skin is starting to break down.  We pull up the stockings when we see them down, so I don't know if the sores are because of the socks being down, or if it's happening in spite of the socks.  It's not as bad as it could be, at least so far. 

Still doctoring Cisco's ears even though they've dried up, I'll doctor for the maximum 14 days, so hopefully we won't have to do this again.  His legs are good so far, but I'm having to doctor behind his sheath.  I think Cisco was probably gelded with a pocket knife, cowboys usually do their jobs with whatever tools they have on hand.  Cisco also has 5 cuts in his ears to brand him which were probably done with a pocket knife.  He always has skin problems in the summer where his scrotum would be, it's rather ragged and gets really messy if I don't catch it early.  So far we are managing to keep it from getting bloody from him scooting, which is a good thing.

Not much going on around here, once it gets as hot as it is, life slows down to a crawl, the donkeys hang around in the shade and I try to stay indoors.

We took both of my race cars to the asphalt track from practice Friday.  The dirt car had never been anywhere except around the driveway, since it was built.  So John wanted to see if it was OK.  It ran OK, but started smoking and they black flagged me off the track.  John has checked about everything he can, so far hasn't found a reason.  That is a brand new rebuilt motor, and about all he has left to check is the compression to see if it busted a ring.  If so, I might not have a dirt car after all...........LOL

Linda sent a lot of pictures to bring us up to date on what they've been doing.  It makes me tired just to read about their adventures.  They are getting ready for the next burro race this week-end in Creede. They are also practicing for a people/dog race later this month.  This will be Saddik's 1st opportunity to show what he can do in a race.  If all it takes is speed he should do great.  If it takes concentration and focus......maybe not....!!!   He's a overgrown puppy, that just wants to have fun and probably play with all the other dogs. 

I doubt that Saddik misses many trips

Quilla and Boaz entertaining admirers

Quilla enjoying the cooler weather..........no socks on his legs....!!!

Out for a training run, looks like Leddy is after a peppermint.....!!

They saw this BIG horse at an Amish auction they went to..........

He's HUGE.......!!!!

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