Monday, September 02, 2013


 This is just "SO" not right......!!!

At least I wasn't involved............but John was.......!!!!  

Yesterday John went out at 2pm to start feeding, so we could go to the races.  Found everyone but Jack the mini mule.  That's unusual, he is almost always within eye sight of Molly whether she wants him there or not.  We went ahead and fed everyone, still no Jack.  I went out and walked the 10 acres, then John walked the 10 acres and I went again.  Call us slow, but we decided he wasn't on the 10 acres.  I walked the perimeter and then went out on the roads in the golf cart.  John chose to go over on Burroland to look.  He had heard the neighbor's dogs barking and thought he might be over there.  

I finally came back and there was Jack in the pen with Molly, obviously John had found him.  Sure enough he was over running the neighbor's dogs along the fence.  John used his belt around Jack's neck to drag him home.  Of course all this made us late to the track.  I had a friend draw for my starting position in the heat race.  I started outside pole, that's probably a much better draw than I would have done.  She drew terrible for her husband, he had to start all the way in the back of his race.  

I finished 2nd in the heat race and 4th, again, in the main event.  I actually had a 12 year old Birthday boy ride with me as part of his birthday celebration.  He had a great time, I took his brother for his birthday a few months ago.  There are 3 more kids in the family, guess they'll all go before it's over. 

Got home late, went to bed got up this morning.  John went out, came back in & said he needed help to get Jack back on the 10 acres, he was over in Burroland.  It wouldn't have been such a big surprise, but John had fixed where he "thought" Jack had gone thru the fence about 2am this morning.  Obviously not..........!!  

We got chores done and I let everyone out.  A few minutes later John came in and said he needed help to get Jack out of Burroland............again.........but this time he had shown John where he was getting thru the fence, and it wasn't where John thought it was.  By this time Jack had decided we were messing up his lifestyle and became a little evasive.  That means taking off like a startled deer.  John was guarding the gate, so I was doing the hazing, or trying to.   I wasn't keeping up too well, but I stayed close enough Jack knew I was still there.  Once he decided I wasn't going away, he leisurely walked to the gate.  

John tells me he fixed it, but has not guaranteed Jack can't get out again.  Guess we'll find out when we do chores later. 

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